Christina Rapado declares “war” on her cousin, Pilar Rubio: “She has behaved like a sow”

A pilar rubio A new front has opened for him this Saturday. his cousin, Christina Shavedhas given an interview in which he does not leave the woman of Sergio Ramoswhich, according to her, changed her attitude after increasing her fame.

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whatever it was special friend of Camilo Blanes he wants “everyone to know who the real Pilar Rubio is” because although their relationship was good when they were little, there is currently none.

Christina account in socialite that when she revealed in an interview that they were cousins ​​”her mother called my mother to tell her not to talk about her daughter, not to refer to her as cousins, as if to say ‘my daughter is divine and fantastic and yours is a geek'” .

“She has always wanted to stand out. She Googled herself 50 times a day to see what was said about her. She wants to be perfect and not have any blemishes on her image,” says Rapado.

“I would love to have a face-to-face with her so that she can explain to me why she has no relationship with her cousin, as she had in her childhood. She has behaved like a pig with me, I don’t deserve it,” he said.