Shakiratheir children Sasha y Milan And his brother Tonino, have flown to Miami this weekend on a private plane chartered by the singer. Some media have reported the artist’s trip, as if insinuating a spontaneous and angry escape, made on her behalf, in contravention of the agreement reached with Gerard Piqué just two weeks ago.

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But the truth is that the Colombian artist will only spend a few days there with her children, to prepare for her final stay in that city, where the family will settle when the Spanish school holidays end, after Christmas. Shakira has already chosen the school where the children will study and she wanted the little ones to see it.

His return to Barcelona will be immediate, since next week the former Barça player and the mother of his children must ratify in court the agreement they reached together with their lawyers, after a long and complex negotiation.

There are no secret clauses in the agreement document that prevent Pique settle in Miami due to Shakira’s imposition. But several sources claim to have heard Piqué’s defender speak of that condition that Shakira supposedly would have imposedalthough it was intended to be kept secret, sheltered from public opinion.

From the environment of the office that defends Piqué, they say that the former player has no intention of buying a home in that city for the moment. However, he will go every month to spend 10 days with the children, as the parents have signed in the document that regulates the visits and stays of the children with their parent: 10 days a month the father, summer vacation, with more days for the father etc And in the hypothetical case that the former Barça forward settles one day in Miami, something that he totally rules out and has never wanted, the regulatory agreement stipulates that his parents would have joint custody of the children and they would spend in the same city 15 days with his mother and the other 15 with his father. Exactly the same as if Shakira, for some reason, returned to live in Barcelona, ​​something also totally ruled out.