Chenoa reappears after her breakup on her return to OT as a presenter: “I get a lump in my throat”

Chenoa is ready to present the new edition of Triumph operation which starts Monday, November 20 on Prime Video. “I feel very grateful for starting this new project,” she said in a crowded press conference held in Barcelona that took place only four days after she learned of her marriage breakup with the doctor. Miguel Sánchez Encinas.

The fact that Chenoa presents OT It has a great nostalgic dose, because she was a contestant in the first edition. “It’s been a lifetime for me, I find it very exciting and I have a lot of nerves and I’m going to do it with a lot of love and affection,” said the singer.

Chenoa explained that the program returns “as always, but as never before”, to explain that it has evolved although it maintains its same essence as always. “It’s hard for me to even speak, I get a lump in my throat,” he said when Prime Video broadcast a souvenir video of all the editions of OT.

“Presenting it is very exciting; I am in charge of this with a very special love,” he added. “I get very nervous. When I watch these videos, I sweat as if I were at a gala,” Chenoa confessed, referring to that video that reviewed the history of a format that is the history of television.

The artist, who is making her debut as a presenter, explained that she intends “not to posturing too much, because it doesn’t work for me.” “I empathize with what they feel.” [los concursantes] and I won’t be able to help but be moved by what I hear,” he added in a presentation in which personal questions were not allowed, as we explained.

In this new stage, OT will have a new gala format of only 90 minutes (Mondays at 10:00 p.m. and also on demand). In addition, the platform will offer a daily live program. The jury of the galas will be made up of Pablo Rouss, Cristina Regatero y Buika.