Chelo García Cortés faces economic straits: jobless, indebted and in a wheelchair

The losing streak of Chelo Garcia Cortes It doesn’t look like it’s getting better. The treatment for joint stiffness (arthrolysis) that he tried to avoid the hip operation that he will finally have to undergo next Wednesday has not worked. She did not want to go through the operating room again but unfortunately she will have no choice.

your classmates Save me they fired her days ago wishing her the best. The thing is serious. The 71-year-old journalist from Orense has to have her hip bone replaced with a titanium prosthesis and, after the intervention, she will have to face tough rehabilitation sessions that will keep her away from work for between two and four months. She is not clear that she can return.

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But what really worries the ex-wife of Jose Manuel Parada it is something else. Through the corridors of Telecinco a rumor that devours the nerves of those who live on Save me. Comments that place the end of the program when summer arrives, in a few months, do not cease.

It has not been confirmed that the magazine they present Jorge Javier Vazquez o Maria PatinoAmong others, her days are numbered but the mere suspicion that the space that feeds her may close has Chelo so nervous that she can’t even sleep.

The one who was a friend of the soul of Barbara Rey She has been carrying a significant debt with the Treasury since 2019 and, despite the fact that she could already be retired at her age, she cannot afford to be without work. It is true that during these two and a half years she has covered a good part of her hole, but she still has not been able to liquidate it. She needs to earn a significant amount of money to live.

In 2019 it was published that he owed around €1.4 million and that, thanks to their participation in survivors, was able to reduce it by 30%. Since then, every month they discount 70% of his Mediaset payroll, which has made him go through real hardships on occasions. his wife, Marta Roca Carbonell, She hasn’t worked for a long time and therefore has no income to help with the family economy, so they tell us that Chelo is sunk.

In the best of cases, she will be convalescing for a long time, and it will be difficult for her to set foot on a set, which may mean having less income, something that has her in suspense. That is why she has told her closest friends and her bosses at La Fábrica de la Tele that as soon as she can walk she will come back even if she drags. “It cannot be ruled out that he may even return prematurely in a wheelchair. Es Save me, there it does not squeak that people go to work in a wheelchair. And she needs to work and bill. He is afraid that in three months the program will be finished and he wants to take advantage of it”, they explain to us. “It is a lot of money and with everything that Chelo has earned and worked in his life, he deserved a peaceful retirement, without stress, but he still owes a lot”, we confirm.

Cello’s great drama

Chelo fell during one of the special programs that La Fábrica de la Tele did when everything was starting to go wrong with their audience, specifically in the save me fashion week, which took place in May 2022. Then, it was learned that the radius had been broken and she had to undergo emergency surgery, but what we learned later is that at that time the journalist also injured her hip, a problem that has been dragging on since then and that she has tried to solve with different treatments precisely so as not to have to undergo surgery and be without work for several months. And that is the great drama of Chelo.

The journalist has never hidden that she is experiencing a delicate moment due to her financial problems. In fact, on more than one occasion she has sunk when it was mentioned to her. “I haven’t gone on vacation for more than eight years because I can’t leave. I’m not one to pay in installments but, since I live on the beach, I’ve been able to step on the sand. I always went in October, November, but I haven’t for a long time I can go and I’m not going,” he said through tears. She has also been questioned for asking for money from some other friend who later betrayed her.