Although Tamara Falco has forgiven the public infidelity of Inigo Onieva and their wedding plans continue on July 8, there are some family members who are not entirely happy with the decision of the Marquise de Griñón.

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one of them is his brother Julio Jose what, as we already explained, he does not feel much appreciation for his future brother-in-law. “Whoever has to like it is her”, he limited himself to saying this Thursday before the media that were grouped in the premises where he celebrated his 50th birthday.

But this Sunday the second son of Isabella Preysler y Julio Iglesias He has gone further and has dared publicly to issue a warning to the car designer. “I know him very little because I have seen him twice in my life, but I hope he respects Tamara,” Julio said in Afternoon plan.

It should be remembered that the singer was very forceful when he found out about his sister’s media break with the Madrid businessman: “My sister deserves another type of man who is up to her in terms of feelings and kindness. This had better happen before the wedding,” he said then. It is not surprising that his opinion has not changed, although he respects the decisions of the daughter of Carlos Falcowho is already 41 years old.