Chayo Mohedano follows in the footsteps of Antonio David and searches YouTube for his vein against Rocío Carrasco: “Do I tell everything?”

Chayo Mohedano has promised war. On Twitter she does not shut up and now it seems that she intends to search the video platform for a new vein to defend herself against the accusations of her cousin and her detractors on television.

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“There are magazines and YouTube channels that have called me to interview me and to ask me about everything that is happening… What do you think if I tell everything you want to know on my YouTube channel?” days the singer in her Instagram stories.

the war of Rocio Carrasco against his cousin and rose benedict It has been accentuated as a result of the mother and daughter accusing the daughter of The Greatest of showing false invoices against them in their docuseries. The singer is deeply disappointed in her cousin for everything she is telling against her family.

“With everything that she and I have talked about, she has never told me anything that she is now telling publicly (…) She has allied herself with a producer that has hurt me a lot and that used to unite us apart from everything familiar, but it seems that no longer,” Rosario said in Week. It must be remembered that Chayo’s husband reached a millionaire agreement with La Fábrica de la Tele, the producer of Save mefor their quarrels in court.

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Chayo was the only member of the maternal media family who attended her wedding with Fidel Albiac in 2016. He also publicly supported her after her testimony of alleged mistreatment against Antonio David Flores. However, Rocío Jurado’s niece does not consent to her bringing out dirty laundry about her family on her TV, so the relationship between the two seems to be already broken and unfixable.

On his new YouTube channel, he could find the loudspeaker to tell his version of the story and defend the Mohedano: “They have offered me authentic pastures and I have always said no,” he said, ruling out that he responds to his cousin on television or in magazines heart. Time to time…