Charo Reina overcomes agoraphobia

A strong depression that degenerated into agoraphobia kept Claro Reina from leaving her home for a long time. She found in the solitude of her home the remedy for all her ills. They gave her a treatment, and based on strength and following the instructions of the doctors to the letter, she managed to overcome the bump and rejoin a normal life.

At 62, she has just been named ambassador of the movement Stop Ageism, which fights against the labor marginalization of the elderly. That fight is reflected in a short film that she stars in, Half-time jobin which Vanessa, daughter of the late Manolo Escobar, also works.

Agoraphobia is a mental and behavioral disorder, characterized by the presence of anxiety and anguish in places or situations from which it is difficult to escape. It presents as a pathological terror of open places or public spaces.

Fortunately, Charo beat the disease and is already recording an album and continues to focus on her acting career, both in film and theater.