Why do Jorge Javier see Paz Pesadilla and Mª Teresa Campos making corridors in his dreams?

They say that a bad dream is repeated in the lonely nights of Jorge Javier Vazquez. Two appear in his nightmare witches who knows well: Maria Teresa Campos y peace padilla. What the presenter sees Save me during his bad dream he is himself wandering the corridors of Mediaset without a program to present. The latest book by the 52-year-old philologist is titled Before oblivion.

Since the news of the relay of Paul Vasily at the helm of Mediaset, the shadow of dismissal hangs over Jorge Javier Vázquez, emblem of an era that is fading and icon of a way of doing television that has been criticized a lot but that gave Telecinco leadership until a little over a year ago. Not anymore. It has been hinted that the new management of the listed company is not very pro Jorge Javier. Nor of the producer that shelters him, the TV Factory.

In fact, some voices point to the program producer as Save me o to docuseries of Rocio Carrasco as responsible for the collapse of the network’s audience. It may not be true, but there is no doubt that if the reputational damage suffered by Berlusconi’s Spanish subsidiary has to be put a face, everyone imagines Jorge Javier and the universe he represents.

even his own javier javier He has dealt with the issue of his dismissal in the first person, yes, to downplay it and laughing at that future that is more than distant: he has just signed a long-term contract that unites him with the Fuencarral chain in the coming years. So in the economic aspect the Badalonian does not lose sleep run out of work

But yes in another aspect. Because, as we have been able to learn, the presenter would like to know what will become of him if they decide to remove him from his programs, even if he continues to collect the fortune they pay him. Apparently, until the renewal of his contract, Jorge Javier has been on edge and all because I already knew that Vasile he was leaving But Paolo still had power and wanted to leave him as an inheritance or payment for the services rendered that renewal before leaving his Fuencarral chair.

As of 2023, Mediaset will have two CEOs: Alessandro Salem and Massimo Musolino. For his part, the President Borja Prado will also be responsible for the editorial line of the news. All of them must put an end to the deep audience crisis that Mediaset has suffered since it ceded leadership to Antena 3. The situation has worsened in recent days, with a prime time sunk and a strip of afternoon in minima.

Hide the image of Jorge Javier to clean the image of the new Telecinco

However, the Catalan is calmer since he saw his agreement resolved but in the corridors of Mediaset there is a murmur according to which Jorge Javier suffers “nightmares” with what may happen. Apparently it’s not economics that worries him. What makes him uneasy, according to what they tell us, is that “Jorge lives on edge because what he fears is that, after Vasile’s departure, that so much chance it has given him, it is that it happens to him as to his archenemy Paz Padilla, and he went from being a star presenter of the chain to having the entrance to the sets closed and going on to make corridors to hide him and that his disappearance from the screen becomes a sign of the renewal of the new Telecinco”.

Jorge Javier has affirmed that nobody has told him that he would stop presenting any prime time as survivors, if the evening finished Save me. But they have not guaranteed it either. It would not be the first time that it happened that they left a great star in decline with salary and contract but without projects. Let them tell Jesus Vazquez. They even did it with the very Maria Teresa Campos. Hence, they assure us that this idea does not go out of the philologist’s head.

Jorge Javier has always been very protected by Vasile and by his production company, La Fábrica de la Tele, directed by Oscar Cornejo y Adrian Madrid, but, after the scandal of the so-called Operation Deluxe, things have become complicated for them and their departure has been rumored. A theory that the presenter himself fed with his comments. Despite believing himself untouchable, he began joking that “Telecinco’s doors were closing” and ended by confessing that he was going to therapy to know how to face his farewell: “I go to therapy knowing that this is not eternal and that for these gentlemen there is no we will be nothing. There is nothing more ephemeral than television and we will be forgotten. Who remembers the people who made television ten years ago? If now, when the time comes, they say goodbye to me, all I can say is ‘thank you for put up with me for so many years, a star in decline.’ Stardom is not measured by share. How horrible it would be if the happiness of my life depended on audience data. That would be a fading star.” Word of Jorge Xavier.

“He is worried about seeing himself without a program,” they tell us. “His ego would not allow it,” they say. “It would lead fatally,” they add. He won’t show it publicly. “He will use humor and that fake laugh to hide and show that he doesn’t care, but in small committee, to those closest to him, he shows them that he would not like to see himself without a program and that he would be withdrawn prematurely.” In addition, with the audiences in turmoil on Telecinco, no one has their place guaranteed.