Cayetano Rivera reappears after confirming his separation from Eva González: he finally visits his brother Kiko

Cayetano Rivera has reappeared after confirming his separation from Eva Gonzalez after 13 years of marriage and a son together. The bullfighter has visited his brother this Thursday Kiko Rivera at his Sevillian home in Castilleja de la Cuesta, where he is recovering from the stroke he suffered on October 21.

Cayetano has left no more time to visit his brother, who has been at home since last October 24 when he was discharged. The presenter of The voice She has already reappeared, just one day after the storm she was going through in her marriage was known, thinner and dejected under black sunglasses through the streets of Madrid, where she continues to lead her professional commitments.

The separation of the bullfighter and the presenter

The magazine took a week Hola in rectifying his first version of Eva and Cayetano’s breakup, that of “they have taken time”. Until this Wednesday they did not get on the bandwagon of what this portal was already anticipating on Tuesday, October 25: “There is no turning back.” The truth prevails and hot cloths have legs as short as lies.

Days later, we added that Eva was already in the hands of a prestigious Sevillian lawyer, with whom she has met to prepare both the details of the custody of the four-year-old son she has with the bullfighter and the material issues and distribution of assets after the separation. Family sources assure Informalia that the issue of custody will not be a problem and that the child will continue to reside with his mother.

The model and the son of Paquirri and Carmina Ordóñez were married on November 6, 2015, so in a few days they would have been married for seven years. In 2018, they brought little Cayetano, the apple of their eyes, to the world, and in 2019 they faced the photos of Cayetano with a then unknown karelys rodriguez through London.

They have been living apart for a few months. Eva spends more and more time in Madrid due to her professional commitments and is mainly responsible for the care of her son, while the bullfighter remains in Ronda, at the family estate El Recreo de San Cayetano.