Cayetano Martínez de Irujo explodes after rumors that link him to Genoveva Casanova: “They just want to mess up”

The Duke of Arjona has responded to the latest information that links him to Genoveva Casanova and that they point to an alleged crisis with his girlfriend, Barbara Mirjan. Angry, Cayetano Martínez de Irujo He has denied everything: “Everything that is being told is a lie. This is a witch hunt to go against the mother of my children.”

The son of the missing Duchess of Alba has had a telephone conversation with the program This is life in which he has been blunt: “The issue of Genoveva is no longer enough and now they are trying to give shit to Bárbara and to each other. Because we are great and there is no problem whatsoever”. He was referring to rumors that suggest that the young lawyer, with whom he has been dating for eight years, would be “fed up” with the complicity and closeness between his boyfriend and his ex-wife, whom he has supported in the last three months. after his friendship with Frederick of Denmark.

Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, who assured in a previous interview that Genoveva was like a sister like him, wanted to make it clear that there is no romantic relationship between them: “The relationship with my ex-wife is purely family and that's how it will continue to be.”

Genoveva, 'disappeared'

It has been more than three months since the friendship between the Mexican woman and the Danish king, then prince, came to the fore. A relationship that unleashed a marital and institutional crisis in the Scandinavian country, where Genoveva was baptized as “the Corinna of Denmark.”

She, overwhelmed by media pressure, fled and took refuge in the Arbaizenea palace, property of her ex-husband. She abandoned him after being discovered by some photographers and since then, her whereabouts have been a mystery. They have located it in London, where her children live; in Mexico, her homeland; and even in Kenya, on a New Year's Eve getaway with Cayetano and Bárbara, something that has already been denied.

He stood up for her a few weeks ago: “They have dismembered her in a diabolical way”. And he announced that the pertinent legal measures were being taken: “That is an issue that will be seen in the courts, they have hurt her and my children, a lot of damage. They are having to suffer a lot with this whole story but all the complaints and lawsuits in process”.