Nadal ends year as number one for fifth time

Rafael Nadal

He’d slid prior to a return to the courts, that generated a success raised him into a 126 as he fought with the operation. Djokovic won Wimbledon and the Australian Open using Nadal cleaning up in the US Open and Roland Garros. After reaching the final of the ATP Finals Dominic Thiem, that took some … Read more

Tsitsipas reaches ATP Finals semis after Nadal thriller


21, the tyro, struck his competition three times to secure a 6-3 triumph in the O2 Arena of London. Nadal is still now on a duty in London — planning to fasten the number one place and also to acquire the occasion for the very first time in his career. Medvedev was hitting on a … Read more

Federer outclasses Djokovic to reach ATP Finals semis

Federer outclasses

Defeat to the next seed charms the end of the bid to overtake Rafael Nadal and conclude just since yearlong number one. “He functioned amazing, moved nicely, returned my function really well… He did everything .” The scripted upped his match however 38, Federer, rescued the 1 break point he faced and shattered to canter … Read more

Handshake provokes fight between Canadian and American tennis

Canadian Katherine Sebov

Following an aggressive handshake and a racket, two youthful tennis players triggered a fight at vegas off the court in the Henderson Tennis Open. After beating Parks, Sebov proceeded to clinch a 6-3 triumph but was defeated 6-3, 6-0 by Allied Anhelina Kalinina at the semi-final on Saturday afternoon. The two met for the indication … Read more

Nadal and Parcheesi therapy: “Marc has no fucking idea”

“It depends on the day. There are days when it’s counterproductive therapy, because I have to put up with Marc (López), who has no fucking idea. But hey, we laughed”it starts Rafael Nadaljoking with the Spanish media when asked if the parchisthe classic board game with which he and the other members of his team … Read more

Nadal is the best of the year

Neither the recently turned 36 years old, nor the recurrent problems in his left foot. A good summary of the tennis course so far would be that, basically, a diminished Nadal, constantly hammered by the effects of Müller-Weiss disease, may be the best tennis player on the circuit. An affirmation that would not only support … Read more

A run against the foot

Rafael Nadalchampion of 22 Grand Slam tournaments, has lived a career full of successes, paradoxically, always with a sword of Damocles hanging over his head. Always with the threat that his left foot, affected by Müller-Weiss Syndrome, would force him to put an end to his career. What is it about? Is a scaphoid osteochondritis, … Read more