The young Murcian Carlos Alcaraz Garfia, the emerging value of national and world tennis, has valued this Monday what Rafa Nadal did at Roland Garros and in his extensive and successful career and has come to say that He has “a thousand lives” and that “there is a player for a while” with the Mallorcanwho in Paris, at 36 years old, yesterday added his fourteenth title and twenty-second Grand Slam.

Alcaraz, 19 years old and who this Monday appears seventh in the world ranking – he has dropped one position – has made these statements at the inauguration of a graffiti that has been dedicated to him in El Palmar, his people, an act in which he has been acclaimed. “All the affection I receive is inexplicable and it is something wonderful,” he pointed out.

After said inauguration, the Murcian has referred to the final that Nadal won this Sunday 6-3, 6-3 and 6-0 against the Norwegian Casper Ruud.

“Rafa has a thousand lives and there is Nadal for a while. At 19 years old he has already won Roland Garros and already has 14 titles in Paris. He, with the age that I am now, had already won the first and, therefore, I’m a little late”, he commented between the laughter of those present, while highlighting “the fight and dedication” of the Balearic whose last final he followed closely.

In addition, he has had words for the German Alexander Zverev, who eliminated him in the quarterfinals, and then fell injured in the semifinals precisely against Nadal, forcing him to leave.

“He was being a great game and I was shocked to see on television the way he sprained his ankle. I hope he comes back soon because tennis needs Zverev,” he declared.

Already focused on his next commitments, he has commented that think of the grass at Wimbledon.

“I am focused on that tournament and to this day I still doubt if I will be in Queens to prepare it or go directly to the Grand Slam”, He has pointed out and acknowledged that his work plan will not vary much, although he will start exercising “earlier to avoid the heat.”

In Paris, Alcaraz equaled his cap in a “major” and he hopes to improve himself in the next opportunities that come his way.

“It’s the second time I’ve reached the quarterfinals in a Grand Slam tournament and the first time I’ve been able to finish this round and play at a good level”, He has recognized by remembering that in the 2021 United States Open he also won four matches in the final draw to fall in the fifth against the Canadian Felix Auger Aliassime, retiring due to injury.

“Next time I will have more experience and I hope that this will help me not to make the mistakes that I had in this Roland Garros”, he added.

Alcaraz already has his graffiti in El Palmar

The young tennis player Carlos Alcaraz Garfia already has his own graffiti in his town, El Palmar, which he inaugurated this Monday. Carlitos, as he likes to be called, will see him passing by when he is close to home and also his neighbors, for whom he has already become a true reference and the best possible ambassador. “I want to continue bringing titles”, he has said.

The athlete from Palma, 19 years old and who today appears as the seventh player in the world, has found this surprise on his return from Paris, where he has been disputing the Roland Garros tournament that has ended up winning, as almost always, the also Spanish Rafa Nadal.

Alcaraz reached the quarterfinals in the French tournament – there he was eliminated by the German Alexander Zverev– and will spend a few days with his family before traveling to London, where he will play the ATP 500 tournament in Queens and later Wimbledon, the third Grand Slam of the season.

Taking advantage of his stay in his homeland, he has had the opportunity to see his image on a mural, another recognition to this tennis player who on Thursday will be distinguished with the Gold Medal of the Region on Community Day.

The work of the artist Sebastián Hernández, artistically known as Sbah, a native of Mazarrón, who created it with the support of the Murcia Graffiti Office, It is located in one of the accesses to the district, located on the Mota del Reguerón path, next to Calle Mayor.

Alcaraz has been received with applause by those present at the event, including part of his family, and there the mayor, José Antonio Serrano, has welcomed him and has presented a trophy to the Exemplary Tennis Player and Murciano 2022.

The first mayor has referred to the athlete as “an idol of the masses and the best ambassador of Murcia” and he has told him that he has “the whole municipality pushing every time he hits a ball” and has predicted that “some Grand Slam title is going to fall”.

In addition, Serrano, who has been accompanied by councilors Mario Gómez and Carmen Fructuoso, has given him some advice: “Don’t let yourself be pressured and keep playing with that joy”.

Verónica Sánchez, the mayor of El Palmar, has also participated in the inauguration and has highlighted that her most illustrious neighbor “makes known the name of the town all over the world” and thanked him, while also giving him a recommendation: “Never change”.

Sbah, for his part, who has been working “for a week without stopping” on this project, He has given explanations of the action carried out and in which “many people” have been involved.

“It is a graffiti that everyone can see reflected in because it represents effort, sacrifice, hard work and self-improvement, values ​​shown by Alcaraz, who has to continue inspiring so many young people”, he commented.

The act has been closed by the tennis player himself, who has remembered his neighbors. “All the successes I achieve are thanks to you and I feel the support of all my people”, He indicated between shouts of “Long live Carlitos!”.

“I am very proud to represent Murcia and to take El Palmar to every corner of the world that I go to. My wish is to continue bringing titles to the people and the Region”, he declared, closing his speech with a phrase that is already habitual in him: “Long live El Palmar and long live Murcia!”.