Australian Open: Rafa Nadal – Delbonis: schedule and where to watch the Australian Open match on TV today

Thursday, 2. 3 January 2020 – 10:59 Rafa Nadal plays today, Thursday, January 23, his second Australian Open match against Argentina's Federico Delboni Rafa Nadal at the Australian Open Scott Barbour EFE Tennis. Australian Open: Rafa Nadal – Federico Delbonis, live Australian Open. Nadal awaits Delbonis, an Argentine left-handed veteran Rafael Nadal he plays today, … Read more

Cultural Leonesa – Atlético de Madrid: schedule and where to watch the Copa del Rey match on TV today | Copa del Rey 2019

Thursday, 2. 3 January 2020 – 11:18 Cultural Leonesa and Atltico de Madrid play today, Thursday, January 23, the 16th of the Copa del Rey at 9:00 p.m. Felipe Augusto in an Atletico de Madrid match AFP Leonese Cultural Y Atletico de Madrid play today, Thursday January 23, the sixteenth of the Copa del Rey … Read more

The Civil Guard accuses Rubiales number two of diverting funds from the Federation with false signatures

ESTEBAN URREIZTIETA Thursday, 2. 3 January 2020 – 12:52 New report before the National Court. As EL MUNDO revealed, Antonio Suárez Santana was charged for cheating the RFEF and continues in his post Rubiales and Antonio Suárez Santana, during the General Assembly of the RFEF. EFE Rubiales He stopped the Ethics Commission for wanting to … Read more

Maximum penalty for Elche

PAUL GREEN Elche Thursday, 2. 3 January 2020 – 10:26 The ilicitano team stays at the gates of eighths after falling into a controversial penalty shootout against Athletic. The ilicitano team had two pitches to sentence after a balanced match in which it knew how to contain the harassment of its rival. One of the … Read more

Suffer with a Third Division | Copa del Rey 2019

Updated Wednesday 22 January 2020 – 23:37 Vinicius struggles for a ball in Las Pistas del Helmntico. AFP Pablo Porta the Second B was invented as a euphemism so that important provincial teams would not be called Third Division. But the proud Unionists, who struggle not to fall to the Fourth Division, displayed illusion, pride … Read more