Casemiro, alone in the face of danger

Casemiro played the 2019-20 season alone in the face of danger and everything indicates that the 2020-21 will be like this again for him. With the return of Odriozola, the right side will be duplicated again, so all posts of the white template will have at least two members... except for the midfielder. In the core, Kroos, Modric, Valverde and Isco take turns as interiors, a roster that Odegaard will now join. But as a specific '5', there is only Casemiro.

Zidane, in the scarce moments in which you have preferred rotate Casemiro, has pulled the Kroos-Modric duo as an alternative or Valverde, a player capable of matching the delivery of the Brazilian, but less accustomed to such a specific role and who, as the axis of the midfield, loses its many virtues: arrival, deployment in the midfield, incorporation from behind, departure on the wing … Although it is not something new for Zidane, who has already used another converted interior like Kovacic as a substitute for Casemiro. Only in two seasons has Casemiro had a specific substitute, Marcos Llorente, but Zidane's confidence In the white youth squad, now an Atlético de Madrid player, it was never too much.

Casemiro, defense and attack

The importance of Casemiro for Zidane it is clear to see the minute cast of the white coach last year: the Brazilian was the player who played the most, with 4,081 minutes, being the only one who exceeded the 4,000 barrier in Madrid. Casemiro only he stopped playing three games in the entire League, and in two of them it was due to suspension; in Champions only half an hour was lost in the eight games of the meringues and in the Super Cup he played every minute. Only the Cup gave him rest: he played the first game, but was not called up in the second round or in the quarterfinals.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

The importance of Casemiro for Madrid lies, especially, in his defensive abilities: he was the outfield player (doormen aside) that most recoveries completed in LaLiga 2019-20 (294), the tenth that gave more good passes, the first in disputes you win (60) and the second in fouls committed (87), in addition to overcoming in ctraining of aerial balls won (102). But Casemiro not only contributes in defense: in attack he has been especially prolific, with five goals and five assists. Goals with weight: their four goals in the league earned Madrid six points.

Camavinga, in bedroom

Camavinga, the footballer that Madrid had been observing as a possible future replacement for Casemiro, will not arrive this summer, except for a last minute surprise. The player does not renew his contract with Rennes and Madrid aims to try your signing in the summer of 2021, if the economic situation, derived from the coronavirus crisis, has improved. Until then, Casemiro knows that he is alone in the face of danger and if the Brazilian is injured, Madrid will catch a cold.