Paco López: “It seems that Valencia is a minor team and is a big one”

Levante coach Paco López, said this Friday that a feeling has been generated in the environment that on Sunday they face “a lesser rival” when the Valencia It is a “great and historic” team and he ruled out that it is the best moment to win at the Mestalla.

“We are reading and the feeling is that it seems that Valencia is a minor team when we talk about a great and historical team,” he said Paco Lopez at the press conference prior to Sunday's derby.

“I do not know if it is the moment or not. It is true that it would be historical because it has not been possible to win in Mestalla in 111 years. It gives me the feeling as if we were going to play with a smaller team. He plays in his field and it is Valencia, “he added.

The Levante coach insisted that he does not believe that Valencia is as inferior as it is perceived and commented that his rival has “very good players” and that he aspires to enter European positions “at least”. “That's how far I go. Important players have left but he has good footballers, “he added.

Regarding the game, Paco López said that “many things can happen because the distances are getting smaller every day” and recalled that they have already been able in the most recent past to beat Real Madrid or Barcelona. “Whenever there is a derby, it is normal to talk about healthy rivalry. They are very nice matches. It's a shame that we don't have an audience on the pitch but these derbies are unpredictable anyway, “he said.

The Valencian coach also confessed that the preseason confrontation between the two was of little use and that it ended with a goalless draw. “We couldn't win and I insist again on the difficulty that the party has, “he stressed.

Paco López also explained what the goals of the season are for his team. “Before taking the second step, you have to take the first one, it is not necessary to repeat it. More than grand goals we have to look at ourselves and we do not set any limits, “he concluded.