Carolina Marín gets into the final and will fight for her fourth world champion title

Huelva defeats Akane Yamaguchi in the semifinals


The Spanish badminton player Carolina Marín won this Saturday 23-21 and 21-13 against the Japanese Akane Yamaguchi and thanks to this she agreed to the final of the World Championship, which is being held in Copenhagen (Denmark), giving herself the opportunity to win their fourth title in this tournament.

Marín, sixth seeded in this World Cup, starred in a first set of carats against the number 2 in the world ranking. Despite starting ahead (1-0, 2-1), the Huelva native saw her rival recover to turn the score around with impetus and gain a four-point lead (6-10, 10-14, 13-17 , 14-18).

However, the Andalusian defended better in the zone of her backhand and crushed the zone of the ‘drive’ in her opponent. Although Yamaguchi exhibited speed in the actions close to the net, enjoying a set point, Marín replied with skill and his comeback crystallized in the subsequent 23-21.

Full of confidence, and despite starting 0-1 down in the second set, the Huelva native found more holes in her opponent’s field and from 3-2 she no longer let go of the lead. Holding back any attempt to react from the Japanese, Marín kept the distance until the second and final set went up to her locker with a margin of +8.