Tamara Falco sees the light again at the end of the tunnel after several days of uncertainty due to the termination of the contract with Sophie et Voilà, the Bilbao firm that would initially be responsible for the design of her wedding dress. Now, the Marquise de Griñón will dress in Carolina Herrera on his big day.

And although she is the star of the wedding of the year, it is not a secret that the spotlight will also be on her mother, Isabella Preyslerand especially in the outfit that she will choose to accompany her daughter in the ‘yes, I want’ to Inigo Onieva next July 8.

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The queen of hearts considered several options: Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Silvia Tcherassi and Johanna Ortiz. But, like Tamara, she has decided to trust Carolina Herrera, as she assures Beatriz Cortazar on esRadio: “She is going to dress in Carolina Herrera’s workshop. They are going to play it safe. In the end, two for one, that everything remains in the same place to be combined in the photos and that there are no messes.”

There will also be a lot of expectation around the godmother of the link, Carolina Molas. Since her son’s romance with Ana Boyer’s sister came to light, style comparisons with his future mother-in-law have been inevitable. Cortázar has also revealed that Lorenzo Caprile is the designer chosen by Onieva’s mother.