Carmen Lomana stokes Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria: “They did not talk about the pain and humiliation of Paloma Cuevas”

If it is characterized by something Carmen Lomana It is for being forceful in their opinions, they like it more or less. She is aware of the hot topics of the social chronicle and, in her work as a tertullian, she has commented on the interview that Enrique Ponce y Ana Soria they gave to Paul Motorcycles in the anthill.

Afflicted by media pressure, they sat down in a prime time program to drown their sorrows and lament the treatment they have received, according to them, by the press due to their age difference. During the interview, Ponce also gave some statements that caused some confusion about when their love story began: in August 2017 when the young woman was 18 years old or in August 2019, as Ana states, when she was 20.

Be that as it may, at both times he was still married to dove caves. They even came to pose together at a photocall in November 2019. They posed with Javier Conde at the premiere of the musical Chorus Line In Malaga. The newspaper library, in short, does not forgive.


Carmen Lomana, as we said, has been very forceful this Thursday in Public mirror: “I was surprised that The pain, surprise and humiliation of Paloma Cuevas were not discussed“.

In this sense, the socialite has added: “Nobody criticizes that they fell in love or the difference in age, but we were outraged because he forgot that he was married, that he has two daughters, one of them a teenager and starts making public declarations of love.”

He also had a few words for the young woman from Almeria: “Ana should have had the head to tell him that he was not separated yet. The demonstration of love on social networks does not seem right to me. You can fall in love, but you can do it discreetly. You can’t brag.”

At the same time, he has revealed a conversation he had with the Cordovan businesswoman shortly after separating from the Chiva bullfighter: “I talked to her, but she didn’t want to accept it. Maybe being so invested in your parents could still have affected “.

In Informalia We published a few days ago the photographs that prove the deception of Ponce to Paloma. The separation transcended to the media in July 2020 and, that summer, at the height of the pandemic, Enrique and Ana lived her love with great intensity in Almería, her homeland. His outings to the sea and his photos on social networks boasting of falling in love were frequent. The divorce between Ponce and Cuevas was finally signed in July 2021. Less than two years later, the businesswoman has recovered her smile with the music star Luis Miguel.