Carmen Borrego breaks down in tears and implores respect from the Arrocets for the memory of her mother: “I can’t take it anymore”

Carmen Borrego has weakened like never before in this last month. After the death of her mother, she has shown herself during this time with much more strength than her sister in front of the cameras. However, two days after the exclusive Arrocet Mustachesaid enough and burst into tears live.

“I have seen my mother cry every day. My mother is not there to defend herself. She never hurt anyone. She was a very good person, great as a mother. This is smearing what my mother has done and her figure. I can’t take it anymore.” , she said, wrapped in tears, this Friday afternoon on Telecinco.

“I have seen how my mother was dead because of this scoundrel. It is not fair. Why did you do this to my mother?” he pointed out. Afterwards, she asked that the topic not be talked about anymore out of respect for the memory of the great figure of communication and journalism: “I cannot contribute to tarnishing my mother’s image. My mother has not been his girlfriend, she has been a of communication. Let’s all stop contributing.”

In this sense, he has implored: “Now that she is gone, why don’t you leave her alone? You Edmundo, your daughter, your cousin. Keep respect for the memory of my mother and her great figure.” In this way, not only has she responded to Bigote’s statements, but also to some of the comedian’s relatives who have reacted in the last few hours, fueling the controversy. Since the exclusive was published this Wednesday, it has not been the first reaction from Alejandra Rubio’s aunt on television.

The comedian threw miles against the Campos sisters in his interview with Ten minutes, published just a month after the death of the matriarch of the Campos clan: “In six years Terelu went to María Teresa’s house about ten times and Carmen didn’t even do that.” Among the bombshell headlines that the comedian throws out in his interview: “Teresa wanted to get married to leave me a pension”, “Whenever we went on a trip I paid for everything”, “Teresa’s jealousy was distancing the relationship” or “Not only was I night caretaker, he solved all the problems in the house.