Carmen Borrego becomes an influencer: she joins forces with Anabel Pantoja while Terelu seeks financial support

Carmen Borrego Not only is he a well-known character on the sets, he also has a large number of followers on his networks. Perhaps that is why he has taken advantage of his departure Survivors, reality which aimed to be a great source of income, to put on the mask of an influencer on Instagram. She has demonstrated it in the latest photograph of her, where she promotes the jewelry of her friend Anabel Pantoja. And every exhibition is good, and not just for his pockets: who knows if this type of publication becomes a habit and, thus, he can lend a hand to his sister Terelu, who is not living her best professional moment, as is as you have been able to confirm Informalia.

The youngest daughter of María Teresa Campos has published a snapshot on her Instagram profile where she shows off the accessories of Isabel Pantoja’s niece. “I love my friend Anabel Pantoja’s new jewelry collection. “It’s always a success. Thank you very much,” the post reads. A message of gratitude that suggests that the Andalusian’s company has given her these pieces for advertising. In the image she wears a red sweater that combines with a necklace and earrings from the brand.

This publication, which collects hundreds of ‘likes’, also brings together comments of all kinds, since on the one hand there are those who flatter the former survivor and, on the other, those who call her an “opportunist.” “How do you like money”, “they want to live without working”, “everything is worth the money”, “the one who had money anxiety” or “earning money without working, you really like that” are some of the messages that are read on the comment board.

These responses are motivated, in part, by the anxiety that Borrego says he suffers from. in the last weeks. Let Survivors due to her mental health problems and, as soon as she arrived in Spain, she learned of the separation from her son, who then attacked her in a past interview. However, it must be said that her tantrums have also been weeks of glory.

The disgust over their son’s latest movements has occupied hours and hours of television on Mediaset, something that the sisters have taken advantage of in the programs where they collaborate. We’ll see y This is life in the case of Borrego, and Mornings y D Heart in the case of Terelu. The little sisters sat on Friday to talk about son and nephew respectively and, as best he could Informaliathey took him raw.

“On that show they pay really well. Amounts like they did years ago to convince the guest to say whatever,” they tell us. Perhaps at that moment in the negotiation, Borrego confessed that he had asked the directors of the space for his sister to be on the set. Carmen already knew that Terelu was losing one of her jobs: the blog I wrote in Readings Since three years ago. Therefore, taking into account Borrego’s publication, entering the influencer world could therefore be a way out for the sisters.