Carlos Soler: “Bernabéu, Mestalla, hopefully he will repeat a goal at Di Stéfano”

Carlos Soler will play his ninth match against Real Madrid at 23 years old, the team that has scored the most goals. The Valencia youth squad left his signature at the Bernabéu and Mestalla. Today he aspires to leave his signature at Di Stéfano.

How are you doing playing without an audience?

Playing with our people is spectacular for us. Proof of this is the streak we have at home. But it is what there is, for security.

Do you see the Champions accessible?

After the draw against Levante, it gave us a feeling that we had lost that possibility. But then you see the equality there is. Last year at this point, we were similar and entered the last day. Until the end we must fight for the Champions League.

How did the body stay with the draw in the 96 '?

When you get home you think about what you may have failed. It has happened to us several times. Against Madrid, against Real … They were matches in which it was difficult for you to get ahead. We have to know when to play, when not … We have lost points that can be vital.

Now comes Madrid, a rival who is not bad …

Shield / Flag Valencia

Yes, it is true that I scored at the Bernabéu and also at Mestalla, on the first lap. One always likes to play these games, against the greats. Hopefully it can be repeated but it will help to achieve something nice from Di Stéfano. We are at the same distance from Champions as before the break. We know Madrid perfectly but we will try to find its weak points.

Who do you prefer to face, Marcelo or Mendy?

We already know Marcelo, one of the best wingers of the last ten years. Mendy is more powerful, maybe she defends a little better, although the other day she played on the right. Madrid have many resources and a super-wide squad. But we are not afraid of anyone and we want to wage war.

Speaking of left backs, how many times have you been reminded of the race in which you beat Jordi Alba and put it on Rodrigo to make it 2-0, in the Cup final?

That moment is very special for me: the final, the post-match … It has happened to me several times that they remind me of it on the street. They tell me: “On the day of the final, how did you beat Jordi Alba”. I like that this play stayed on the fans' retina, as it could have been Mendieta's goal against Atlético, in 99. They are actions that remain recorded. Jordi Alba is a player that I admire. Together with Marcelo they have marked an era in LaLiga. I met him in the National Team and he treated me wonderfully. Have you ever told me that you should have shot before to cut that move …

Are you, Ferran, Guedes and yourself? How do you see that competition?

We are almost all well. This is Valencia, we know that here it is very difficult to enter the call. Competition is good, it makes you improve. It is very good that there is this competitiveness in a squad. This enriches us all because nobody has a guaranteed job.

How is your relationship with Celades?

I have known him since the 2017 European Championship that took me directly without having gone to any previous match. He told me that if he was there it was because he had earned it. Then in the next stage of sub-21 I was also with him. He was one of the first to tell me that he saw me playing on the sidelines. I would define him as a very understanding person who is very close to the player. As a game idea he likes the good treatment of the ball and that we go out playing. Obviously it depends on the party and the rival.