2-2: Eibar do the most difficult but leave two points

Two points flew from Ipurua when Eibar had done the most difficult. As it happened against Real Madrid, he conceded an early goal, but based on tenacity and claw he managed to turn a controversial derby that Athletic managed to tie when they worse painted things for their interests. Mazazo for an Eibar that despite everything expands its advantage on the descent.

Eibar did not learn the lesson. As happened a few days ago in Valdebebas, the team re-entered the game without the necessary intensity and concentration, and as a result, Athletic made their way, creating danger almost every arrival thanks to the clairvoyance of Muniain. First was Cordova who finished a ball at point-blank range in the far post that miraculously Dmitrovic sent for a corner. After it, a shot from the front hit the outstretched arm of Escalante. The referee, at first, did not see it, but warned by the VAR seconds later he went to see a play that left no doubt and that led to a penalty transformed by Raul
Garcia. As in Alfredo di Stéfano, Eibar was already behind on the scoreboard without having yet broken a sweat.

From then on the party was different. With Athletic intense in the pressure and an Eibar reactivated after the goal, the match turned into a succession of turnovers by both teams. Thinking fast and executing what was devised faster was still basic, but nobody managed to do it. There was no safety distance between the players and each footballer could feel the rival's breath very close. Winning the second plays was basic to be able to dominate and Eibar was somewhat better there.

In fact, the equalizer comes after a cross of Orellana cleared by Vesga whose rejection hunts him Pedro
Lion to put a magnificent center that Kike
Garcia He finishes with the nose in the goal mouth to establish the equalizer.

With Athletic disappeared in attack and pending that Muniain Arming something with sense, Eibar gained weight in the match, although without the lucidity necessary to overcome the red and white defense. Only in stoppage time was he able to unsettle Unai
Simon. First with a low shot of Robber
belt he caught the goal and then with a head butt placed of Sergi
Enrich, to center of Pedro
Lion, than Simon sent to corner.

The controversy came at the restart, in a center of Orellana than Kike
Garcia was about to finish when he was seized by Yuri arm in arm, going to the ground. Prieto Iglesias did not indicate anything nor was he ordered to review the action and protests of Balance ended with the coach being sent off for a red card.

That action enraged a gunsmith team that curdled its best minutes in time, enjoying several occasions through Sergi
Enrich and Cote.

Athletic suffered to contain their rival but then there was a break. From the VAR they warned Tight
Churches that there was an action liable to be a penalty and after several minutes they asked the referee to go and review the action. Yes now. Prieto Iglesias approached the monitor, which, to top it all, did not work. He had to watch the play on an auxiliary screen and four minutes after the game stopped he signaled the penalty spot. TO Orellana his pulse did not tremble and he made the deserved 2-1.

However, the joy was short-lived because a center of Dani
Garcia the newcomer finished off with his thigh in the small area Villalibre, putting the tables back on the marker. Perhaps the play should have been canceled due to a previous foul by Williams to Dmitrovic.

The goal made an impression on an Eibar that lost fire. Balance moved the bench and Quique
Gonzalez He had the victory in a final auction that was licking the post.

(+) Look at the summary and the goals of the match:

Eibar: Dmitrovic; Rober Correa, Oliveira, Arbilla, Cote; Pedro León (De Blasis, m. 78), Escalante (Diop, m. 85), Edu Exposito, Orellana (Quique González, m. 91); Kike García (Cristóforo (m. 91) and Sergi Enrich (Charles, m. 85).

Athletic: Unai Simon; Capa, Yeray, Iñigo Martínez, Yuri; Dani García, Vesga; Larrazabal (Lekue, m. 65), Muniain (Villalibre, m. 77), Córdoba (Williams, m. 46); and Raúl García (Ibai Gómez, m. 77).


0-1: Raúl García, with a penalty (d. 8);

1-1: Kike García (m. 18);

2-1: Orellana with a penalty (d. 78);

2-2: Villalibre (m. 80).

Referee: Prieto Iglesias (Navarrese College). He warned locals Escalante, Pedro León and Róber Correa; and the visitors Dani García and Vesga. He sent off José Luis Mendilibar with a direct red card in the 49th minute.

Stadium: Ipurua.