Carlos III rehabilitates his brother Andrés in the Balmoral conclave: the duke is no longer a shadow

First family reunion in Balmoral and first summer without Queen Elizabeth II. The Windsors have celebrated the traditional holiday conclave with the memory of the sovereign in her memory, when the anniversary of her death is about to be fulfilled, on September 8. It was precisely in the Scottish castle where Elizabeth II died. This is the context, but the details are even more powerful.

Prince Andrew arrived in the same car as Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton. They were on their way to Balmoral Church, near the sovereign’s favorite summer residence. The detail, which occurred this Sunday, August 27, caught the attention of the British press, as The Daily Telegraphwhich slides that it is a gesture of unity and points out that it could be the beginning of the end of “the divided Windsor family”.

This detail of allowing the ousted prince to travel with the heir seems to have been orchestrated by the king himself in his attempt to unite The Firm. His brother Andrés and his son Harry are the faces of disunity, discrepancy and quarrels, a storm that the monarch would like to drive away from Buckingham.

Let us remember that the Duke of York, separated from his representative duties, was stripped of his military honors and made invisible, just as his mother, Elizabeth, decided. Although she allowed herself to be photographed with him at Prince Philip’s funeral, as a sign of public forgiveness, Andrés has never raised his head. He attended his mother’s subsequent funeral and his brother’s coronation, but relegated to the back row, a shadow in the family. It has been his punishment after the Virginia Giuffre and Epstein case and his connection with the tycoon convicted of pedophilia for child sex trafficking.