Carlo Costanzia's ex attacks Mar Flores and she responds

The latest controversy of the Italian actor has fully affected his mother, Mar Flores. The ex-girlfriend of Carlo Costanzia She went to Ana Rosa's program this Thursday to tell what her courtship with the DJ was like and also what role the model played in her son's life: “He has a lot of family but no one helps him”has said Jeimy. A direct shot at Mar Flores, who has thrown things out: “I'm not going to make any comments. I'm not talking about my son or my family,” she said irritably.

The ex of Javier Merino He has assured that he feels “phenomenal” despite the bad news he has received in recent days, not only the controversy over his son but also the breakup with the Mexican businessman. Elijah Sacal and the cessation of their collaboration in Public mirror. She has claimed to be overwhelmed by the media interest generated by her new situation: “It's been three weeks without being able to walk through the streets of Madrid because of the photographers.”

The businesswoman did not want to comment on the relationship between her son and Alejandra Rubio and nor defend himself from the darts that Jeimy, who was Carlo's girlfriend until January 20, has thrown at him. “He has a lot of family and no one has helped him. He broke his knee and had surgery. His mother came to see him and left. His father came to see him and the next day he took a plane and left. And I stayed,” has counted. The young woman spent a year with the actor Toy Boy: “Mar didn't know me. I went to the pool at Mar's house but he didn't introduce me. Mar looked at me from the balcony”. He did meet his father: “Carlo's father came to my house to see him and left his son with me when he had the operation. He slept on the couch because I don't have any other rooms. He was calm that his son was with me,” he said. counted.