Caravan of 35 coaches with more than 2,000 culés from Barcelona to Turin

It will be a historic invasion, unprecedented in the history of the Barça female. A total of 35 buses and more than 2,000 culés fans are already on their way to Turin (Italy) to cheer on the team from Jonathan Giraldez in the grand finale of the Champions League female vs. Olympic Lyon this Saturday (7:00 p.m./La 1, TV3 and DAZN). They all left in the afternoon from the Camp Nou (Barcelona) excited and eager to support the Barça team tomorrow, Saturday. And with good forecasts.

Caravan of 35 coaches with more than 2,000 culés from Barcelona to Turin


Before traveling, several fans have given Mundo Deportivo their forecast for the match

With a ticket at popular prices (from 59 to 69 euros), 875 kilometers were waiting for them and more than 9 hours of travel through Grenoble and crossing the border between France and Italy. Upon their arrival in the capital of Piedmont early in the morning, they will take the opportunity to go sightseeing and meet up with the other Blaugrana supporters who have traveled by plane or by road. The atmosphere, very youthful and with a strong female presence, is one of faith in a team that has already traveled around the world with attendance records in the Camp Nou before him Real Madrid and the wolfsburg with more than 91,000 spectators in the Barça temple.

Approximately 15,000 culés will travel to the Italian city to accompany the Women’s Barca in a final in which the azulgrana defend the throne achieved last year in Gothenburg behind closed doors due to the pandemic before a Chelsea who capitulated without remission. The Barcelona exhibition, with Lluís Cortés on the bench, it was spectacular (4-0).

In the 2019 final, won by the Olympic Lyontraveled to Budapest (Hungary) about 1,000 culés. This Saturday will have nothing to do and there will be no color with a Blaugrana win over the French fans, with only 1,500 followers despite being only 312 km away, just three hours by car. At seven in the evening the ball will begin to roll but Barça will play at home.

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