Canales, specialist in thrashing his ex

Sergio Canales has become, since his arrival at Real Betis in the summer of 2018, a consummate specialist in scoring goals for his teams and specifically for the Real society -who visits next Sunday the Benito Villamarin– He has made three in five clashes -on December 1, 2018 he lost it due to accumulation of cards-, two at Valencia -the last one last day- and one to Real Madrid. He was left blank only in the double cup clash against Racing Santander, despite playing as the starter in both games, in which the Betis beat the Cantabrians 5-0 on aggregate in the 1/16 of the Copa del Rey, in December 2018.

Channels in the Real society he played a total of 161 games in all competitions, in which he scored 13 goals, and at Real Betis he has already scored 16 in 88 games (14 in 73 in the league). With Real he scored a goal in the league in his first season (2013/14) and four in the second (2014/15), but in the next two (2015/16 and 2016/17) he remained unmarked, despite playing 47 matches, and did not do so again until February 2018, four months after his contract expired, when he was free to sign for another club.

Sergio Canales, from March 8, 2015 -when he scored the winning goal against Espanyol- until February 2, 2018, he went almost three years in a row without seeing a goal in The league and scored four goals -all in the final stretch of the 2017/18 season- in the last 94 games he played with Real Sociedad, to which he has scored three goals (one in the Cup and two in the League) in the five matches that He has had since he was a Betic player, which gives an idea of ​​the improvement experienced by the game and the aim of the Cantabrian, which has earned him his presence in the Spanish soccer team.

Channels premiered before Real scoring Betis' first goal in the 2-2 of the second leg of the Copa del Rey round of 16, which was beaten by Betis, in January 2019. In April of that same year he scored 1-1 in Anoeta that he would undo in 83 ’Oyarzabal for Real (2-1) and in January of this 2020 he closed the account in 3-0 of the Betics to the Donostiarras at the Benito Villamarín.

Canales, scoring against Valencia

The team that scored the most goals Channels throughout his career is the Spanish (4 in 18 games), although Real has scored 3 in only 7 games (it was measured once with the Madrid and another with Valencia), Levante another 3 in 11 games and Valencia 3 in 15 games. To Real Betis, curiously, Channels He has never scored a goal the ten times they have met, one with him Racing, three with Valencia and six with Real Sociedad.