Caio Henrique, who on July 31st turned 23 years old, lives a strange moment. The Brazilian of
Atlético de Madrid
is waiting for the club Ok.

From Brazil it is expected that next week will be the one when he can finally be seen on the grass. So he pointed it out Intensive Support, Brazilian sports environment. Information that from the own Atlético de Madrid is nuanced. The mattress club is more cautious, because it is a topic that does not urge. At the moment, it is being decided how to proceed with the player because, on the other hand, he cannot participate with the team. It is considered whether you should train with the group, whether you should do it alone for now …

And is that the player, a midfielder of origin converted to a left back, came to Madrid several weeks ago but since then he has not trained even once with the team. In fact he has not stepped on the Sports City still, as he knew MD.

The fact that he could not be enrolled in League, but also that of coming from Brazil and having to keep a relevant quarantine period, made the footballer exercise outside the first team.

The player does not could be enrolled for the final phase of the League
But it is a matter that remains to be seen because, to resume the activity, the idea is that it should be thought about for the next season if it is that it finally ends up staying in the mattress box.

And we say this because the player, who already has a community passport, is on the list of the Porto but also from Benfica
. The Blue and Whites are the most interested, to replace an eventual march of Alex Telles.

It is not ruled out that the Athletic make box with the player but it is a situation that will be seen. For now, what he will try to do is try to convince Simeone that it can be useful to the team, in the upcoming sessions.

He Atlético de Madrid requested the return of the left back Caio Henrique, which was borrowed in Guild, at the end of June. The player arrived in the capital of Spain 1st of July. Now, it is planned that next Monday, the 3rd, he will pass the relevant medical examinations before training with the rest of his teammates.

Caio Henrique have a contract with the Atlético de Madrid until June 2023. After debuting with the Athletic and play with the subsidiary, Caio Return to Brazil and played borrowed on Paraná, Fluminense and Grêmio
to become one of the most interesting left backs in the tournament.

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