Cádiz reflects its solidity against an imprecise Villarreal

Chess game between Cádiz and Villarreal, in a meeting with hardly any notable occasions, and in which both teams revealed their weapons. The locals, who have already accumulated ten games without winning in their field since the pandemic arrived, savor the point as good and already have eleven in their locker, at this start of the season.

Cadiz Shield / Flag

If there is something clear, it is that Cádiz is going to play all the matches of this League. The defeat on the first day against Osasuna was a mirage of what this team is capable of giving and against a great one like Villarreal, it made things very complicated. During the first part the protagonism was for the defenses. As if it were a chess game, both teams tried to strike, expecting an error from the rival. The possession was for a Villarreal without spark in attack. The most (or only) noteworthy thing about the first half was a new intervention by the VAR to annul a goal by Negredo, due to Lozano's positional offside. From Las Rozas De Burgos Bengoetxea was notified to go see the play on the monitor, because although the Honduran did not touch the ball, he influenced the departure of Pau Torres to clear.

Villarreal returned from the locker room more plugged and in the first bars he began to give the game more rhythm. Emery's men found a vein on the left wing and Alcácer, Coquelin and Trigueros put Ledesma's goal in trouble.. However, when the locals were more on the ropes, Emery made the decision to remove Kubo to give entry to Chukwueze: less magic, but more power.

Villarreal Shield / Flag

Cervera also moved the bench, giving entry to Malbasic and Jairo, by Lozano and Negredo. The locals did not have the ball, but they did not suffer either and the technician understood that his team could do more damage to the counter, taking advantage of Jairo's speed. The intention in the premises was to ensure the tie and if a counter came to take advantage of it. And the truth is that with the passing of the minutes there was improvement on the local side. Cádiz began to steal in the opposite field and based on centers they looked for a Malbasic who could not take advantage of any.

In the last minutes, the Cervera players noticed their fatigue and the visitors crowded. Alcácer and Bacca had chances to open the scoring and there Ledesma's figure emerged with two great saves. The Argentine goal and the good game from behind caused that the result did not move. Good point for locals, which subtract one from the goal of the 40 that mark salvation; and loot somewhat scarce for a Villarreal that wants to finish in Europe.

Unai Emery: “The point is insufficient, but good work”

Match analysis: “Good team work today, but the point is insufficient. We have known how to be protagonists with the ball and prevent them from having a chance to beat us, we did not allow them anything. In attack we have been good on the left but as I say, insufficient.”

Lack of daring: “We always work with caution against what the rival can offer us, the problem has been that we have not known how to attack clearly. We come from a game in which we scored 5 goals and they scored 3, today it was the opposite. We have to find a match. a 'mix' between Thursday's game and today's game. We have to generate more. “

Using the VAR: “I believe in VAR and I believe that it imparts justice in decisive actions, the problem is knowing which ones are decisive. For me today it was because it was a goal. I come from England where VAR was used later than in Spain and they also use it less because they just want to get into what is very, very decisive. “

Approach: “There were two possible approaches, to make it more crazy or to take control more slowly and that they did not have their game. We have opted for the second option.”

Yeremy's breakthrough: “Today he did well, the idea is to give him minutes to grow little by little.”

Álvaro Cervera: “The game would have been different with Negredo's goal”

Assessment. “The game has come out in defense as we wanted, always many people behind the ball, defending face, never running backwards … We thought that in some they would be wrong, in excess of passes, but they were also clear where they could lose the ball with us and have not given us any chance to counterattack. It has been summarized in a possession of Villarreal and in our defense. We add a point and we can consider it good, but we need to do something more in front of goal. The point is good, and in this way we can do something in the category ”.

Goal canceled. “The game would have been different if Negredo's goal goes up to the scoreboard. The games are balanced by the goals, so much for us that we would have had more field and more chances to play our game, and they would have had to risk more. Of the goal I have seen an image that seems that Choco is ahead, but it is the same as always. It took us three minutes to see it, the referee was told to go see it and he has gone, what I always say, which are the ones that are going to be seen and which ones are not? If he goes to see it and he considers it, nothing happens, but if those from other teams and Cádiz go to see it, that does bother me ”.

Explanation of how the VAR works. “They have never explained it to me. When they established it a year ago they came to explain to us that the plays were looked at from above and all the plays were looked at. Nothing more, that it was not necessary to protest to anyone, that all the images were reviewed upstairs together with the referee. They haven't said anything to me again. I just want to know which ones are visible and which ones are not ”.


Samuel Chukwueze (61 ', Takefusa Kubo), Malbasic (65 ', Negredo), Jairo Izquierdo (65 ', Lozano), Bacca (72 ', Trigueros), Elder brother (81 ', José Mari), Yeremi Pino (85 ', Alcacer), Ruben Peña (85 ', Coquelin), Juan Foyth (85 ', Mario), Perea (87 ', Salvi)


Referee: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea
VAR Referee: José Luis González González
Mario (5 ', Yellow) Salvi (32 ', Yellow) Alfonso Pedraza (90 ', Yellow) Jairo Izquierdo (91 ', Yellow