Cádiz-Real Madrid Half Madrid in mourning Cádiz

Whoever is against Cádiz is against humanity. Such a warning, strategically labeled in the changing room tunnel of the Nuevo Mirandilla, must have impressed the Madrid media that Ancelotti brought to the Silver Cup, this time made of steel. It was missing that they felt committed to the cartel Lunin, Nacho and Rodrygoauthor of a work of art that had nothing to do with his team’s game, invaded by disappointed substitutes and disturbing headlines. Of these, the one who was most exposed was Militao, to which the saint has gone to heaven in the last month. Cádiz, with Sergio, has fueled the genius and ingenuity. He has long since lost the appearance of the tail team, but the heritage is still lead. Who knows if the remedy was late. The tie, unfair, leaves him in the hands of others because of his lack of aim, not because of his lack of courage and attitude.

The alignments saved any explanation. Madrid came out with only four of those who will be in the final in Paris; Cádiz, with four forwards to avoid the trouble of putting their fate in the hands of others. Ancelotti gave holidays to 44 goals (27 from Benzema, 17 from Vinicius), Modric and Courtois, his triumphal arch, and reordered the defense he used in the derby: Vallejo, right back; Militao and Nacho, central; Lucas Vázquez, left back; Carvajal, on the bench. It gives the impression that the Italian is already working on the plans for the next course.

Rodrygo, at the moment of giving the ball to Mariano for the 0-1.

Cádiz’s first charge was tremendous. One shot before the first minute. Two before the fourth. The packed stadium deserved no less. Fierce pressure, necessity made a virtue against a Madrid verbena in San Isidro. But football cannot with footballers. And Madrid has one that is in the month of his life. It all started fifty meters from the door of Cádiz, on the left, the band that Vinicius closes Rodrygo. City’s hero of the night sewed the ball to his boot and at full speed he left Alcaraz, Akapo, Álex Fernández and Luis Hernández behind successively, with hits from the hip, to gift Mariano his first goal of the season. They swear he didn’t hide skates under the soles. The goal was a unique piece finished off by a footballer who has spent his fourth year in white. His first goal is signed in May. Remember that he came as a replacement for Cristiano. A spear for a cannon.

draw and siege

The goal had little to do with the game, although shortly after Asensio was on the verge of the second, in one of those Valverde thoroughbred starts, player with seven league boots if they give him space. Cádiz came through the center, touched the flanks (especially Vallejo’s) and wanted to earn a tie and salvation before a very aware public. In trances like this, even in Cádiz the joke ends.

Nacho was the firefighter before that yellow attack. He took the goal from Lucas Pérez, whom Negredo looked for after cleaning Militao in a sprint. Then it was Negredo himself who found Nacho in the heart of the area. He already had his boot on the trigger. Where he was not enough for Nacho, Lunin arrived, to deny Idrissi the tie, after a great shipment by Fali. A tie that ended up coming in an excellent shot by Rubén Sobrino. He waded through the area until the hole opened up for him and he hit a right hand that went inside after hitting the crossbar. The opportunity was offered to him by Militao, who waved worryingly. He is still not free from those short circuits that he suffered in his first months in Madrid. In another of them he had the 2-1 Lucas Pérez. He neither crossed nor shot in the face to face against Lunin.

This is how Sobrino scored the 1-1.

Cádiz went to rest before the clamor of the stands: “Go for them, hey.” And he went after them in the second half, invigorated by Sobrino’s goal and the bad news that reached him from Mallorca, against that Madrid with arms down, I live for Nacho and Lunin, because his almost starting midfield did not go beyond third, because Rodrygo was lost in thought with his inaugural play and because Asensio is not smart.

Penalty and… disappointment

Half an hour from the end the tone of the drama rose. In Militao’s umpteenth blunder, Negredo found himself before Lunin, who clearly knocked him down. Mateu whistled for a penalty and the Ukrainian guessed Negredo’s own shot. A blow and a breather: Rayo’s draw in Mallorca. The football that comes and goes. Cádiz, again, had the solution in their hands.

Half an hour from the end Hazard is back that in Madrid he has left a long clinical history and some good muletazos, signs of the one who knows but cannot. He was not to command a swerve. Who knows if he will be again, although Madrid is willing, or has no other choice, to make one last attempt. His letter of introduction was a blow to Akapo that cost him a yellow card… and an injury to the side.

The match, by then, had already balanced out, but each against Cádiz was a scare for Lunin. It was miraculous that three meters from the goal line neither Negredo nor Sobrino crossed it. With the team exhausted and Latasa, who was making his Madrid debut on the pitch, Sergio looked for the final blow with Choco Lozano. And then came Mallorca’s second goal, a shot to the heart of Nuevo Mirandilla. Yellow is on the verge of mourning.


Daniel Ceballos (64′, Federico Valverde), Dani Carvajal (64′, Jesus Vallejo), José Mari (71′, Alex Fernandez), Behind (75′) Carlos Akapo Juan Latasa (81′, Mariano), Lozano (86′, Idrissi)


0-1, 4′: Mariano1-1, 36′: Ruben Nephew


Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz
VAR Referee: José Luis González González
Ruben Nephew (41′, Yellow) Nacho (46′, Yellow) Hazard (73′, Yellow) Negredo (80′, Yellow) Behind (83′, Yellow) Ruben Alcaraz (85′, Yellow) Luis Hernandez (87′, Yellow) Wave (97′, Yellow) Lozano (97′, Yellow