Rubén Sobrino, author of Cádiz’s 1-1 against Madrid, was optimistic about salvation on the last day despite falling to the relegation places after his team’s draw and Mallorca’s victory in discount against Vallecano Ray. The striker found out about the vermilion victory in the interview at the foot of the field. “You have to get the three points no matter what,” he said about the match against Alavés.

“We have given people reason to believe. We have had them but we have not been successful, the penalty…”, lamented the striker. “If we are more successful against Alavés on the last day, we will be saved,” said Sobrino.

On the last action of a possible penalty from Carvajal to Fali, Sobrino was critical of Mateu Lahoz. “He cannot whistle the final whistle at the last second with what we are playing for. We demand that of him,” protested the attacker.

“It has been a game with a lot of tension that we have started with that 0-1 very soon. Madrid is the best team although they had many casualties. It shows that they play at another level and we have worn ourselves out a lot. We have had them. If we are more concentrated and we took off that pressure against Alavés, I’m sure we’re going to achieve it. I don’t even know the results. We have to get the three points no matter what”, he closed

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