Cádiz approved and suspended: Timor's goal and the permanence on the way

Ledesma. He made a great save in minute 7, Getafe's first clear chance. From there he saved the yellows on several occasions with his reflections. Good game from the goalkeeper who is gradually regaining confidence.

Shield / Flag Cádiz

Iza Carcelén. Good game from the side. He gave everything and did not stop working both defensively and helping Salvi on the wing, although this time he had more defensive work due to the future of the match.

Fali. Everything delivered until he had to be replaced in the 71st minute due to knee discomfort. He cleared quite a few chances for Getafe.

Juan Cala. He left all controversy behind and focused on the game. Perhaps he needed to intervene something else, but even so he remained solid in the increases in intensity of Getafe.

‘Pacha’ Espino. Once again he dried himself from so much effort. The goal came thanks to an assist from him, a center that tried to go to Sobrino, but he could not finish off and Timor pushed the ball on goal.

Salvi sanchez. From less to more. The match started a bit timid, without much prominence, but little by little it improved by putting some center into the area. He was substituted in the 71st minute.

Jens jonsson. He had a great scoring opportunity in the 14th minute after a corner kick that David Soria avoided along the same lines. Great physical display of the Dane. He saw the yellow card at 73 '.

Jose Mari. Once again, the extension of the technician in the field. The captain did a good job in midfield both with the ball and without the ball, keeping his team in order. He saw the yellow card in the 68th minute.

Alberto Perea. It started well, without much intervention, but with its typical skillful details. But little by little it was disappearing. Cervera replaced him in the 60th minute with Iván Alejo. He began to lose in the game and the coach wanted to get a kick per band.

Ruben Nephew. He stood out again for his dedication, the one that makes Nephew not stop running throughout the meeting. He always adds to the team even if he is not lucky in front of goal. He was replaced by ‘Choco’ Lozano in 83 ’.

Alvaro Negredo. In the 7th minute he saved the team from getting behind on the scoreboard. Against that same play he was not successful with his shot on goal. He had several shots. Replaced by at minute 60 '.

From the bench.

Ivan Alejo. He entered in the 60th minute to replace Perea. He brought a spark to the team, which was already feeling the fatigue as the minutes passed. He had the last word of the game with a shot that bounced off the crosshead.

Jairo Izquierdo. He entered the 60 'for Negredo. The winger was not very successful this time and had some inaccuracies. Despite this, he did not fall apart and continued fighting in the band.

Malbasic. He entered the 71st minute for Salvi to accompany Sobrino up front. He did not intervene too much.

Marcos Mauro. He replaced Fali from 71 'for his knee ailments. It was a few minutes, but it held up well the siege of Getafe in the last stages of the match.

‘Choco’ Lozano. He entered the final stretch of the match, at 83 ’for Sobrino. It was his return to the green after overcoming his knee sprain. He did not intervene much, but he helped the team to end the match with victory on the scoreboard.

Alvaro Cervera. He read the game well. He came out with an eleven guy betting on Negredo and Sobrino. The changes came at the right time, when the team began to notice the fatigue and brought that freshness they needed by renewing their band men. Cervera's plans were fulfilled and it helped him to get the three points that leave the permanence very close.