Jordi Cruz reunites with Tamara after his high-profile controversy on ‘MasterChef’: “I usually say things to people who have character”

Tamara He was clear about it and last Wednesday, after several weeks in the culinary talent show, he abandoned the contest because he did not feel comfortable. After making the decision, the former contestant was met with an airy reaction from Jordi Cruz, one of the program’s judges. This Sunday, 24 hours after TVE removed the episode from its website, Jordi and the aspiring chef did a live show together on Instagram to calm the waters (or at least try to).

While cooking a carrot cake, the protagonists of this notorious controversy have given their version of the events, thus trying to downplay the importance of what happened. “I think everything has been distorted a little“, he began by explaining the controversial contestant of MasterChef 12.

Likewise, after the barrage of criticism that the TVE culinary talent received for not respecting the mental health of its contestants, Tamara has indicated that she is fine and has clarified that she does not have mental problems. “The topic of mental health is a very delicate topic and I think they have gone too far. I’m fine, I don’t have mental problems. When you realize that you don’t like certain things, you leave, like in a job or like a career that you start studying.“, The former contestant clarified about her imminent abandonment last Wednesday.

After Tamara’s explanations, Jordi Cruz, this time with a friendlier tone, stated: “On MasterChef he usually says things with character to those people who have character. Tamara is a strong-minded person“.

Before finishing his speech, the Catalan chef took out his nails for the TVE program that feeds him. “In MasterChef we talk about improvement, evolution and attitudes. We are neither here to sink nor attack anyone. We are doing TV, I don’t know if anyone has noticed. At MasterChef we want you to discover the world of cooking, but it is a television program. When we are not recording, we all get along very well and we have laughed a lot“. has manifested.