Cadet Leonor and her strict new life at the Military Academy (without salary): “Never murmur or tolerate it”

August will be an unforgettable month for Leonor. The Princess of Asturias began her military training at the General Academy of Zaragoza, just as her father did, don Philip VIin 1985. This has been approved by the Council of Ministers and this was communicated by Casa del Rey through a note that was issued this Tuesday, March 14.

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“The daily life of the cadet is marked by the accuracy in all the acts and the observance of the rules of discipline, hierarchy and unity, these essential characteristics to achieve the maximum efficiency of the Armed Forces”. This is how the academy for officers of the Army is presented, which will have the sister of the Infanta Sofía among her students next year.

Once Leonor crosses the entrance door of the Academy, she will be another cadet. “She will have the same free time, she will go out like the others and she will eat in the canteen like everyone else,” Defense Minister Margarita Robles announced. Of course, what she will not receive like everyone else is her salary, well as confirmed by ZarzuelaDon’s granddaughter Juan Carlos has given up his monthly allowance of 400 euros per month.

Day 1 as a Cadet

Leonor must appear at the door of the Academy between 7.30 and 9.30 in the morning. That first day of military life she can be accompanied by up to four members of her family and they are allowed to visit the 71 hectares that the facilities have. Her father already knows them, but perhaps Mrs. Joy he is encouraged to visit them with his daughter.

In addition to bringing your documentation, that day you can go with a small suitcase with street clothes. Nothing to go with flip flops even if it is summer. After her companions leave, Leonor will be assigned to the I Cadet Battalion. All the comrades will be introduced to the Battalion Chief Lieutenant Colonel, Company Commander-in-Chief and Section Chief Captain.

adaptation phase

Once there, the Military Reception, Orientation and Adaptation (MAOA) module begins for all male and female cadets, which lasts two weeks. Students are housed in cabins with capacity for two, four or up to twelve people; they go through the hairdresser’s, and are given their basic military equipment.

Each room has the basic furniture and a closet with the space measured to fit the uniform clothes and a garment bag with clothes for civilian outings to the city. However, AGM sources explain to The world that in the first year the permits are few, some weekends, and always returning to the Academy to sleep, unless special permission is available. At eight in the evening they should already be at the facilities.

Training as combatants

In this first course, students spend nine weeks receiving training as combatants and practicing command. A training in which they carry out different activities such as “marches, topographical tours, shooting exercises with assault rifles and pistols in a simulator, live fire exercises with various individual weapons.”

For this phase, the students already wear a uniform and Leonor must be clear about the following rules: she can wear ball earrings that do not exceed the earlobe. In case of wanting to put on makeup, she should do it in an inconspicuous way. As for her hair, she always collected in a low bun. The Academy recommends carrying hairnets and hairpins in your toiletry bag to fix the bow.

The importance of sport

Essential in training is physical education. There is one hour of physical activity every day, the training of which changes daily. Princess Leonor, like the rest of her companions, will perform different military sports, they will start horse riding and military self-defense. These will be a few weeks of great physical demand, so students are asked to arrive at the course fit, with the ability to endure 45 minutes of jogging and doing series of push-ups daily.

Work hours and training

Life starts soon. At half past six in the morning, reveille is played. So, Leonor and her companions must prepare their cabins, have breakfast and raise the flag. At 7.45 they should be ready to start classes, which last until a quarter past two in the afternoon. On Fridays there is a flag formation in the main patio at eight in the morning and classes start half an hour later.

Decalogue of the Cadet

Leonor and her companions must mark the ten duties of the Cadet by fire.

– “Have a great love for the Homeland and fidelity to the King, expressed in all the acts of his life.”

-“Have a great military spirit, reflected in his vocation and discipline.”

– “Unite to his refined chivalry constant zeal for his reputation.”

– “To be a faithful fulfiler of his duties and exact in his service.”

– “Never murmur or tolerate it”.-

– “Make yourself loved by your inferiors and desired by your superiors.”

– “To be a volunteer for all sacrifice, requesting and always wishing to be employed on occasions of greatest risk and fatigue.”

– “To feel a noble companionship, sacrificing oneself for the comrade and rejoicing in his successes, awards and progress.”

– “Have a love of responsibility and decision to resolve.”

– “Be brave and self-sacrificing.”