Businessman, Asturian and lives in Koh Samui: this is the profile of Silvia Bronchalo’s mysterious companion

Silvia Bronchalosince he came to Thailand to support his son daniel sancho imprisoned for having confessed to the crime Edwin Arrieta, has been accompanied at all times by two anonymous companions of whom there is no reference. Now, very specific information about one of them comes to light: it is a asturian businessman which is part of the small Spanish community on Koh Samui.

Although until now it was speculated that these people were direct friends of the grandson of Sancho Graciathe journalist Esther Yañez has confirmed that this is not the case: the only person related to the chef who has traveled to Thailand has been his mother, since this businessman lives on the island and “in theory, I did not know Silvia Bronchalo or her son before,” the journalist has deepened.

Silvia’s other plans

Silvia has been visiting her son since on August 17 they had their first meetingand since then he has not performed a single idle activity.

In Antena 3 they have echoed the first relaxed plan that Daniel’s mother has carried out days ago. Bronchalo has visited the most touristic area of ​​the island and, furthermore, she has been photographed for the first time without sunglasses while talking on the phone and sharing a table with two unknown individuals, who are surely these companions about whom some more information is now known.