A lackluster Spain advances undefeated to the second phase of the World Cup


The Spanish basketball team beat eliminated Iran this Wednesday by a solid 65-85 in their third match in the men’s World Championship, which is being played in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia, to end the first phase with full triumphs , but lackluster and far from his best version and with a slower pace in this last duel, although a final acceleration helped him to close the match with a margin.

Sergio Scariolo’s pupils completed their worst game so far in the tournament, with little success and without the facility to run or combine during many phases. However, their traditional choral game -32 total assists- a good end of the game, added to the level of more to less of the Iranian team, earned the Spanish team to end a duel that did not leave the best feelings.

With less prominence from young Juan Núñez, Juancho Hernangómez was the most active with 19 points, supported by double figures from his brother Willy (16) and Santi Aldama (11). The Italian coach also used the game to distribute minutes, in a duel in which the entire group scored. In a very intense and solid Iran despite already being eliminated, Amini (19) and Haddadi (7 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists) were the most outstanding to close their World Cup with a good image.