Braithwaite ‘pasa’ de Xavi

There are some players who, by their actions, show that having well-filled pockets is more appealing to them than their sports career per se. One of them is Martin Braithwaite. The Danish striker met last week with Xavi Hernández, who made it abundantly clear that he does not count on him and that the best thing for all parties is that he look for a way out, especially considering that the World Cup in Qatar is just around the corner and that in Barcelona he will not have minutes.

Well, the international response has not been long in coming. Braithwaite has ensured in his country, through the Channel TV2that his intention is to fulfill the contract he has with Barcelona, ​​thus ignoring the coach’s advice: “I do not intend to leave Barça. I have two years left on my contract.”

In any case, the Danish striker did not completely close the doors to an exitby dropping that “in football you never know what can happen, but I am very calm”.

There is no doubt that Braithwaite will not be the only player to put sticks to the wheels when looking for a way out. His high chips and lack of sporting ambition are compelling arguments to close in band to a transfer. Fortunately, not all players are so well off, some, like Philippe Coutinhonot only agreed to go on loan twice, but also in the end they have given the go-ahead to a transfer, aware that his time as a Blaugrana was over.