This past Friday, at 12 noon, the International Flamenco Fashion Show (SIMOF), which is held all week in Seville until this Sunday, waited expectantly for the arrival of Aunt Cervera, jury of this famous catwalk. Tita was very excited to participate in the call and she had confirmed her presence well in advance.

The assistance of the Baroness Thyssen was a novelty and one of the highlights of this cultural, economic and social event in Seville, along with well-known Spanish guests such as the Kimpel sisters, Raquel Sánchez Silva and Olivia Palermo, the influencer World famous American, daughter of real estate developer Douglas Palermo and married for almost nine years to German model and photographer Johannes Huebl.

But the great media bomb was the presence of Tita Cervera, especially after her commented (and censored) interview on Telecinco in front of Risto Mejide. time passed and the guest star did not make an appearance. Finally, Tita Cervera did not appear or call to excuse her absence from Raquel Revuelta, the model and former Miss Spain, turned businesswoman and organizer of SIMOF.

As you may have learned Informalia, Hours before the announced appointment, someone close to Tita Cervera informed the organization of the contest that “due to schedule changes”, the Baroness would not go to Seville. An absence that the large audience did not know. Everything indicates that the reason for the striking sit-in of the baroness has to do with the controversy raised after her interview in the Chester, where she was asked about the paternity of her twin daughters: “¿Es Borja the father of your daughters?the ex snapped in his face Laura Escanes, although later that question was amputated in the bud and not aired in the interview and was left only in pre-broadcast promos, as bait to promote the show.

Tita, was honest as never before about her feelings towards her daughter-in-law Blanca Cuesta, whom he blamed for having separated her from her son Borja, a statement that contradicts the apparent scenes of family union that appear in public. After Tita’s words, it will be impossible to believe in the truth of an image of the couple and the baron’s widow, posing smiling in the Thyssen museum, if that appearance ever occurs again.

80 years in April

Informalia He has been able to learn that Borja’s reaction to his mother’s interview has been one of indignation and total rejection, perhaps irreparable damage to their relationships. We will see if in the auntie’s 80th birthday, On April 23, her son congratulates her in person.

Other of the statements of the baroness that has set fire to social networks has been her theory that The poor have fewer problems than the rich. because their only concern is eating, while people with a lot of money also have other complications in life. Realizing the consequences of his talk with Risto, the friends (and surely the lawyers) of the millionaire collector advised her not to expose herself publicly for a while, and that she not risk appearing on the public domain. photo call from SIMOF, where uncomfortable questions from the accredited press awaited her, which would have added fuel to the fire.