Bordalás: “We must repair the errors so that they do not happen again”

José Bordalás, coach of Getafe, affirmed this Monday at a press conference that he analyzed with his players the mistakes they made during the defeat against Granada and assured that against Espanyol they must be repaired so that they do not happen again.

The Madrid team lost 2-1 at the Nuevo Estadio de Los Cármenes when they won 0-1 in the 70th minute with a goal from David Timor. In just nine minutes and in a couple of plays with various errors, Getafe lost the clash and ran out of points. Now, Bordalás does not want that to happen again.

“We have discussed and analyzed it. Above all, because it was a game that we had controlled for much of the 90 minutes and it left us in nine. It was a real shame. In two shots of the rival, although the first goal was not even a shot. As happened in the German League, in the first days, it is being marked in the last minutes, in the final stages. It is a consequence of being physically lowered. And above all, attention. We have to repair the errors so that it does not happen again, ”he said.

One of the spotlights pointed to goalkeeper David Soria, who was not very successful in his speeches. The Getafe coach pointed out that now, when there is no audience and the cameras are only focused on the 22 footballers, any error seems bigger.

“Now there are no external agents that can distract anyone. I think there are mistakes every day. There always are, because soccer is a sport of successes and mistakes. But it happens that now it seems that they are seen more or attract more attention. The gaze is more on the field of play, nothing distracts. It is a new experience, all the focus is on the 22 protagonists and the mistakes draw more attention on this first day, “he explained.

Questioned by the importance of two of his players, Nemanja Maksimovic and Mauro Arambarri, both of whom are down for sanction against Granada, he recognized that the Serb and the Uruguayan are a pair of “very important” pieces for his team.

“It is true that Timor and Etebo were at a great level to be the first match. Timor, who was not starting, was frankly well. A pity that he was out of the field in the play of Granada's second goal. Both Maksimovic and Arambarri are very important to our team, “he reiterated.

In addition, he said that Getafe signed a pretty good game with the “seriousness” that their footballers usually play, with control, almost always in the rival field and without Granada generating situations except in the nine minutes in which they scored. “They are history, but in general terms the team was at a great level. A pity defeat ”, he added.

He also spoke about the sensations he had when he went to an empty stadium: “When you jump onto the field, when you enter, it is a feeling of responsibility but at the same time a strange feeling. It was a little strange and the passing of the minutes, we are focused on the game, but it is new and there are new sensations. You hear the referee when he speaks, the rival coach, the players themselves … he is new and we will get used to it ”.

On Espanyol, he indicated that he won his match against Alavés in a “fair” way with the advantage, “which does not detract from his victory”, from the expulsion of Pacheco in the first half.

“Espanyol showed good feelings. He was already giving them even before the competition for the coronavirus pandemic had to stop. Since Abelardo's arrival, the team has improved and has his hallmark. They were well reinforced in the market with De Tomás, Embarba… the classification is not decisive, the level is very even and getting the games ahead is going to be very difficult, ”he said.

“They are a great team and they want to win to add and try to get out of the situation they are in. We want to win to establish ourselves and fight for the best. The boys know that it is a very important game. Tomorrow we will face it with the maximum ”, he added.