Bomb: Pilar Rubio signs for TVE in the middle of the crisis with Sergio Ramos

The presenter is in the eye of the hurricane due to an alleged and imminent separation from the father of her four children. The environment of Pilar Rubio y Sergio Ramos He claims that “the marriage is broken” but they deny it and put a good face on the bad weather. In fact, not everything is sorrow these days. The Madrid native has reasons to celebrate: He is TVE's new signing for the year 2024.

The presenter's new project on the public network is still in its infancy and the date of its premiere is unknown, but we do know what its theme will be: the makeup. It will be a new format that follows in the footsteps of the realities how well they work for TVE, style of Masterchef o Sewing Masters, but in which the objective will be to completely transform the appearance of the volunteers according to the guidelines. The space is inspired by Extreme Makeover, an ABC show in which plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, dentists, ENT doctors, dietitians, and nutritionists also participated to achieve the final goal. Initially, it will be launched a first season made up of six programs.

The Madrid native returns to TVE after her time as a hostess in the legendary contest The right pricein 1999. He then went through This is life y The Wyoming Rooftop (2005). The rest of her career has been spent in private companies and she has not left a single one in the pipeline: Antena 3, La Sexta, Telecinco, Cuatro and even Nickelodeon or Disney. Currently, and since 2014, she is one of Pablo Motos' collaborators in The Anthill.

Pilar Rubio combines her work in Madrid with her personal life, which forced her to spend two years in Paris to later settle in Seville. The presenter has lived in her husband's homeland since last summer and that is precisely one of the reasons that, they claim, has caused the crisis that the couple is going through. Pilar cannot adapt to life in the countryside: “I am more into the Book Fair than the April Fair,” she commented when asked why she had not accompanied her husband to the famous festivities of the Seville city. Perhaps her new signing for TVE will give her a new excuse to return to Madrid.