Blanca Suárez’s surprising statements about her boyfriend Javier Rey: “He is my husband!”

Talking about love with an open heart is a high-risk task. Not many face it. However, Blanca Suarez (35) has eliminated his shell and has entered into his most intimate facet. With a microphone like a glass of wine and with a continuous knowing look with Vicky Martin Berrocalthe actress assured that she is in a moment of peace with her boyfriend Javier Rey (43). The two have been immersed in a relationship since 2020. Likewise, the protagonist of The bar She stated that, although they have not passed through the altar, she already refers to him as her husband.

As revealed in the designer’s podcast, for Blanca, the best thing about her relationship with the actor is “absolute calm.” “To feel that you can be yourself 100% with the person in front of you. To feel safe, calm and without fear when projecting things for the future, whether they come true or not. To feel that your legs shake a little when “You see that person,” he reflected.

At one point in the interview, Berrocal asked the protagonist of I have gone viral In what relationship have you been kissed best? For her part, Blanca Suárez responded without mincing words with: “My husband. My husband is my husband. I have not married, but he is my husband,” she said, laughing.

Although the ex of Mario Casas She is immersed in one of the sweetest moments of her life, she still carries the burdens of the past. The Madrid actress pointed out that she has cried a lot for love because she has had her heart broken more than once. However, she highlighted that she has felt reciprocated and that she has fallen in love several times.

The confessions of Blanca Suárez

The model herself admitted that she had never opened up so much before. “I have told more things about myself during this talk than in any other interview.” Likewise, she stated that in love she prefers to be seduced rather than seduce. And when asked by Vicky Martín Berrocal that she has to have a man to conquer her, she responded with a sincere: “Sense of humor, 100%.”