Blanca Romero, the real reason for the tension between Fran and Cayetano Rivera

Frank Rivera insists that the relationship with Cayetano Rivera It is normal”. “We talk when we have to talk and we don't talk when we don't have to talk,” he said last Friday on Telecinco. However, there has long been talk of tensions between the brothers. Frictions that have an origin, a context that bullfighters do not want to get involved in. However, new information associates the beginning of their disagreements with a third person: Blanca Romero.

Blanca Romero and Cayetano Rivera married in October 2001, a few months after starting a romantic relationship. However, what many did not know until now was that the actress had maintained a relationship with Fran some time ago, which is why neither he nor her mother, Carmina Ordóñezthey viewed the wedding favorably.

This is what Makoke and José Antonio Avilés told this Tuesday in This is life. “There was a fight between Blanca and Fran Rivera before she was with Cayetano”stated the talk show host, ensuring that this situation “had never come to public light.”

“There were family members who didn't like it,” has pointed out. And, among them, as Makoke commented, was Carmina. “I had a conversation with her a few days before she died,” he stated, without wanting to reveal all the details that they discussed “in private.” However, the former stewardess has stressed that Romero's influence was key in the distancing between the brothers, who insist on saying that their relationship is solid.

This information comes a few weeks after the former contestant of MasterChef Celebrity He became emotional when talking about Cayetano, adoptive father of his daughter Lucía. Her marriage lasted only three years, but The affection they profess for each other remains intact.

“When you really love, you never stop loving.. “True affection is never lost,” said the model. “Until she dies. I love him, I love him and I wish him the best always,” she added.