Bertín Osborne raises the white flag for Gabriela Guillén: “When the time comes, I will be there”

The latest statements from the Paraguayan model already have an answer. The singer, who is still waiting for the paternity claim to undergo DNA tests and verify that Gabriela Guillén’s son is his, has addressed the press again after several encounters and has appeared calm and very animated: “Everything is as It has to be there and everything is going to turn out as it has to. And here nobody has anything against anyone.”

Already tired of controversies, he has made it clear that he will assume his responsibilities if it is proven that the child is his: “Of course I will help financially when the time comes, I will be there if I have to be.” Regarding the resolution of the tests, the singer explained that “you will already know” and has made it clear that both he and Gaby “agree on everything. I am responsible, when she knows.”

He has also confessed that his relationship with Gabriela is null and void and has been very surprised by the latest statements from his ex-girlfriend, who assured that she would work as a “chacha” to raise her son: “She has her job, at least she had her job. I haven’t known anything for a long time, but… She is responsible, hardworking and I’m sure she will get through everything. And then, in addition, I already tell you that when the time comes, if I have to be there, I will be there. “. After a few minutes, Bertín settled the issue: “I’m not going to talk about this anymore, it’s a private thing.”