Bárbara Rey takes out the whip at her son and says ‘enough’: “Sign up for the father who mistreated me even when I was pregnant with him”

The reappearance of Angel Christ last Sunday on the set of Survivors It has opened old wounds. Her mother, Barbara Reywho had tried to moderate his opinions about him and even asked the network’s commentators not to be “too harsh” after his disciplinary expulsion, exploded this Monday: “Ángel Cristo Sr. worked with this red ribbon in his hair on many occasions. I knew from the beginning that he did it for his father, although he said yes Rambo and such. I was very surprised that when he arrived in Spain, his dear girlfriend also went with the ribbon on her head,” she commented hurt.

Bárbara, who was coming out of a medical check-up loaded with prescriptions, sent a devastating message to her son: “I just want to say that it is known to everyone that Ángel Cristo Sr. was an abuser, that he made my life impossible and that even when he was I was pregnant with my son, he received tremendous beatings from dragging me, kicking me in the belly, on the back and wherever, and dragging me on the floor. He did it to me on many occasions, but specifically when I was pregnant with him. “To apologize for an abuser and carry him as a standard-bearer, I think it says a lot.”, he has sentenced. “And I have nothing more to say about him. He carries in his head the flag of the father who was mistreating me while I was pregnant with him and throughout my marriage.and so does she,” she added indignantly.

Furthermore, Bárbara has hinted that this memory of Ángel Cristo to his father is nothing more than a staging to harm him, since he cut off the relationship with the tamer long before he died: “He never took care of his father. Sofía and especially I have worried about his father.”, that I have been in hospitals with him and that I gave him a dignified burial when he had done absolutely everything to me, and I did it solely out of humanity, because I saw him totally destroyed.” And he added: “I promised to do it and so I did it , but I will never forget that he was an abuser. Make an apology for it and he tells you what the others are like. I have nothing more to say. I don’t want to talk more about him, I just wanted to say this. Thank you. See you forever.”