Bertín Osborne is already the father of his sixth child with Gabriela Guillén

Bertin Osborne at 69 years old on December 7, is already the father of his sixth child. Gabriela Guillén She gave birth this Tuesday, January 2, in Madrid and now another war is opening: that of the paternity test. The ranchera singer, who is in Seville, has learned about the birth of the baby through the media.

The birth of the creature has been brought forward by This is life. The final stretch of the year became heated with the crossed statements of the artist and the Paraguayan model. “I really regret having been with him and believing the people around her,” she confessed in November. The presenter also recently said that he will speak “when everything passes” and warmed up his engines with this sentence: “Everything revolves around money. Absolutely everything that happens in this life, everything, is for money”.

The two met in mid-2022 during a photo shoot for a fashion brand. “I see her sometimes and I have a good time but she is not my girlfriend,” Bertín said in April of this year, after she confirmed on Antena 3 that they were together.

After finding out about the pregnancy, the ranchera singer came to her defense and defended her tooth and nail against the information that was released on television sets. However, the tables changed considerably to the point that, as we said, Bertín wants to ask for a paternity test. However, Guillén has set a condition that this test be carried out “in the same place where the judges rule, not a private clinic or private laboratory,” as Beatriz Cortázar announced. “She is going to go to the toxicological institute, a one hundred percent safe and impartial place… A rigorous place with lights and a stenographer, which would not be the first time that someone has a friend somewhere.” Bertín already said that, if it is his son, he will take care of all financial responsibility.

Since the summer, Fabiola Martínez's ex has also been in the news for the Sevillian's abortion Chabeli Navarro and the statements of other women like the singer Annawho claimed to have maintained a relationship with him for fifteen years, coinciding with the time in which he was married to the Venezuelan woman.