Ana Obregón targets Lequio for leaking that she has not donated her exclusives to the Aless Lequio Foundation

Antoñita The Fantasticas her family nicknamed her when she was a child, reacted this Tuesday to the news reported by this portal: that she has not contributed to the Aless Lequio Foundation with the funds for her exclusives or the book so far. The Shrew Boy. Furthermore, Ana Obregón has pointed out Alessandro Lequiothe father of her son, as a source of information.

“This information about the foundation is only known to Ana Obregón and our colleague Alessandro Lequio. Ana finds it strange that the media have been notified of this information and suspects that it was Alessandro Lequio who leaked it.“, Pepe del Real explained this Tuesday in We'll see.

The tension between the biologist and the Italian count has been evident following the birth of Ana Lequio Obregón on March 20 via surrogacy in Miami. To date, Lequio has not confirmed that his son's last wish was to have a child after he died, as Obregón maintains, and he has not wanted to meet the girl or attend her baptism, which took place last Sunday the 17th. December in La Moraleja, in the same Church where Aless's funeral took place on June 30, 2020.

The Aless Lequio Foundation

It must be remembered that the presenter assured that she created this foundation, of which Lequio is vice president, for cancer research and said at all times that she would allocate the profits from the book, as well as the exclusives sold to magazines. The actress has also participated this year in programs on different television networks.

As we published, this digital has had access to documentation according to which in fiscal year 2023, these amounts have not been contributed from either the exclusives or the book, despite being “very well paid” poses and interviews, they tell us. ; and that the book about his son's illness was a best-seller and launched several editions. “We are not aware that funds from Ana Obregón have reached the Foundation in 2023,” a source familiar with the accounts insisted.

The presenter's amazing explanation

Obregón was “stunned” when she read our news and has given this argument to explain why she keeps part of what she earned in exclusives: “As for the money from the exclusives, she tells me that she has not contributed that money yet because She had made an advance of 30,000 euros to create the foundation and, in addition, she had raffled off a purse from her mother and a series of donations she had made.. At the moment he says that She kept the money that she had advanced and that is why she did not deposit the remaining money from the exclusives.“.

For journalists Lorena Vázquez and Laura Fa on Antena 3, however, Obregón has given another version. He has also talked about those 30,000 euros that he contributed but has said that he does not donate all of the exclusives for another reason: “I have donated some exclusives. Not all because now I have a mouth to feed”he has transmitted to Lorena Vázquez.

On the reason why the copyright of The Shrew Boy have not ended up at the foundation so far, he also explained to Pepe del Real: “He tells me that, as is usually the case, publishers do not count annual sales until the end of the year. 31, we are on day 2. It is impossible for these rights to have been deposited because there has not been a count, they have not been paid to Ana Obregón and that is why she has not requested them.”

The publisher, for its part, has also pointed out on Antena 3 that “until the moment” no funds have been transferred from the sale of the book. The publisher says that this is normal because the liquidation will take place starting in March, as with the rest of the books. At the same time, they hide the conditions of the contract, arguing that “It is confidential” but they explain that “no advance has been paid” and that “in March” the money will be paid directly to the Aless Lequio Foundation, without going through Ana Obregón.

“They have told us that the closing of accounts is until March 2024. In March 2024, what has been earned with this book will go directly to the foundation's accounts. It will not go through Ana,” Laura Fa summarized after contacting contact with Olga Adeva, nonfiction editor at Harper Collins. Olga Adeva, the same person that Obregón called as a witness in June when he claimed that she received a call on her cell phone from her son, who died three years ago.