Bertín Osborne, enraged against a teacher who asks not to celebrate Father’s Day: “What madhouse did he escape from?”

out of his mind This is how it has been shown Bertin Osborne in a controversial video that he shared this Wednesday on his Instagram profile. She has regretted that a teacher has asked her students not to celebrate Father’s Day. “I’m climbing the walls,” the presenter snapped. Bertín forgets that in the classroom there are children with a father and a mother, but also with deceased fathers or with two mothers, among other family models that go beyond the ‘traditional’ family.

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“They just sent me an audio of, I was going to say a lady, an aunt, who apparently is a teacher from Jerez. She tells her students that Father’s Day cannot be celebrated because families are already different That Father’s Day cannot be celebrated and that they have to celebrate the day of the special person,” said the ranchera singer at the beginning of his video.

Then he exploded: “But, let’s see. Who is this crazy woman? What madhouse did she escape from? Because they won’t have released her… That you can’t celebrate Father’s Day… And when is it? What will Mother’s Day be? Mother’s Day with a mustache? But let’s see… Have we all gone crazy? Or am I crazy, or is she crazy… Or has the country gone crazy? “.

The artist has locked himself in his anger and, unleashed, has added: “But, what is this? Jerezanos parents [la supuesta profesora es de Jerez] of those children, take them out of school shitting milk. But get them out of school. But, do you know what this aunt will be teaching them? When they return to your house in the afternoon… But, what will those children have in their heads?” And she has sentenced: “You really can’t get any less now. That there are crazy people teaching our children is already the last straw.”

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On the comment wall, Fabiola Martínez’s ex has received a barrage of comments. Some in favor of her opinion and others against it, like that of this teacher, who explained to her: “I am a teacher and none of the centers where I have worked celebrate Father’s Day or Mother’s Day We celebrate Family Day. The reasons are diverse: there are children with two fathers, children with two mothers, and children who do not have a father or mother because unfortunately they have passed away.”

Apartments He does share his position: “A truth like a temple is shameful and inadmissible. How much more do we have left to see?” Also his daughter Eugenia Osborne, mother of two boys and a girl, all three under the age of ten: “Dad, you’re right. For example, my son doesn’t understand why March 8 is celebrated as Women’s Day and there isn’t a day to celebrate the man’s… And how do you explain it to him?” Maybe Eugenia should go back to school to understand… But that’s just our opinion.