Anabel Pantoja fails in her attempt to win back her ex-husband, Omar Sánchez

The veiled messages, the most direct hints, the winks that he sends Anabel Pantoja a omar sanchezthe man to whom he swore eternal love on his wedding day in the Canary Islands, and that eternity was summed up in just a few months, fall on deaf ears.

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In the environment of the niece of Isabel Pantoja they wonder if the ex-girlfriend of Yulen He now tries to reconcile with Omar, thus rectifying past behaviors.

Vain intention, impossible undertaking, because the canary has already made it very clear that he has turned the page with Anabel and does not plan to break up with his current girlfriend, Marina Ruizwith whom he lives moments of great happiness.

He proclaims it to everyone who wants to listen to him, he is very clear that there is no going back, deep down he is still hurt by the influencer’s escape, which left him composed and without a wife from one day to the next. He still doesn’t understand that attitude.

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Yulen is another story. Now Anabel is the abandoned one, and although we have seen her lately at parties and concerts, María, one of her friends, reveals a detail to us: “For her, Yulen’s attitude is humiliating, she is not used to being leave them standing up. And she regrets having broken up with Omar, because she has realized that he is a man who is very worthwhile. If she could change wrong decisions from the past, one of them would be separating from her husband. She was totally wrong. She embarked on the sentimental adventure with Yulen and look how bad it ended. The problem is that it hurts to be alone. Lots of partying and partying, but it’s hard for her to live without a partner.” The image of a free, independent, fun woman hides her deficiencies.