Bertín is dispatched at ease on stage after the hurricane of his paternity: “I have been finding them useless all my life”

Bertin Osborne, which is celebrating forty years on stage, reappeared this Saturday, August 12, at a concert in Elche for the one that sold out all the tickets. The ranchera singer has been at the center of the hurricane in recent months due to his love life, so his performance was highly anticipated.

Bertín, who turns 69 in December, will become a father for the sixth time together with the Colombian businesswoman Gabriela Guillen. They are currently not together. After separating from Fabiola Martinez At the beginning of 2021, he also got the Sevillian pregnant Chabeli Navarroalthough she ended up miscarrying.

Bertin Osborne and Gabriela Guillen

Chabeli Navarro

After these two pieces of news, television programs have become a veritable hotbed of information about it. Although on the stage of Elche the presenter did not explicitly pronounce on it, he did say: “Although there are people who say they know, they do not really know. Neither on television, nor in music, nor in wine. I have tried them the three”. And he added: “I’ve been finding them useless all my life.” His words were interpreted with a double meaning.

It must be remembered that after the informative hurricane, the artist himself already launched a message against Sandra Barneda, Emma Garcia y Sonsoles Onega. He also sent a strong statement announcing legal measures after Chabeli’s exclusive, that she continues to dance on Mediaset television sets telling her story with the singer.