Benzema sets the trend

LaLiga is missing a goal. So far in the championship 685 goals have been scored, which supposes an average of 2.54. If this trend continues When the championship ends, the 964 will be around. A lower figure than the previous season (983) and the last ten. One of the reasons is in the scoring baggage of the First Division strikers, whose contribution corresponds less and less to the total number of goals scored.

Although Benzema was labeled a low-scoring forward, lack of goal is a common symptom in recent seasons in the tips. Although, this lack seems to have diminished in Karim Benzema, who has become the second top scorer in the competition in the last two campaigns LaLiga forwards have gone from scoring from 60.98% of goals in 15-16 (636 of 1,118 scored) to 54% currentl. They go 370 out of 685, but the relationship points to around 520 LaLiga '9' targets, the lowest number in the last decade.

Goals for demarcation

Forwards Midfielders Defenses
2019-2020 370 (54%) 224 (32.7%) 79 (11.53%)
2018-2019 549 (55.85%) 283 (28.79%) 123 (12.51%)
2017-2018 592 (57.81%) 298 (29.10%) 104 (10.15%)
2016-2017 562 (50.27%) 400 (35.78%) 134 (11.99%)
2015-2016 636 (60.98%) 289 (27.71%) 89 (8.53%)
* Own goals are not taken into account.

Messi, despite being the LaLiga top scorer, has lowered his scoring average this season. He would have to make a great final stretch of the championship to go from the current 19 goals to the 36 or 34 achieved in the last two seasons. Aspas, Spain's top scorer, has also lowered his performance in front of goal. He has 9 for the 20 and 22 achieved in the past league editions.

The loss of goal is notable in the First Division. Statistics point to the fact that for the second consecutive year the thousand goals were not reached in the 380 games. Last season he stayed at 964. Although this drop in goals already came from 17-18, it went to 1,024 tanos from 1,118 from 16-17. Of the 10 best leagues according to the UEFA ranking, Spain is the seventh with the best scoring average per match (2.54). They are surpassed by Germany (3.25), the Netherlands (3.08), Italy (2.91), Belgium (2.82), England (2.72) and Ukraine (2.61).

Average goal per game in the top ten leagues

Suspenders Goals per game
Germany 3.25
Holland 3.08
Italy 2.91
Belgium 2.82
England 2.72
Ukraine 2.61
Spain 2.54
France 2.52
Portugal 2.42
Russia 2.38