Benjamin Henrichs (Leipzig) denounces racist attacks on his networks

LEIPZIG (GERMANY), 6 Apr. (dpa/EP) –

Defender Benjamin Henrichs, of German RB Leipzig, denounced having been the target of numerous attacks and racist insults on the networks after Wednesday’s victory against Borussia Dortmund in the quarterfinals of the German Cup.

“Today we won 2-0 in the Cup against Dortmund and I’m going to show you what my DMs (private messages) look like after a victory like that in the Cup. Have fun,” Henrichs said in a video posted on the TikTok social network.

In it, Henrichs offered screenshots of private messages, in which both he and his family were subjected to racist and derogatory insults. Some of them expressed their desire for the player to get injured.

“We live in a society where anyone can spread hate and racism on the internet,” wrote the 26-year-old German international.